Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Death of former Iowa Hawkeye Kyle Calloway Iowa/Omaha Indian/Yellowsmoke

On July 2nd we got the death of former Iowa Hawkeye Kyle Calloway. 
Kyle Calloway=46, 55, 145
Iowa Hawkeyes=55, 145
Iowa the 29th state.
Herbert Hoover the only president from Iowa, became president in 1929. 
He was even a Quaker which connects to Pennsylvania yet again. 

I've just been mentioning Brandon Scherff another former Iowa Lineman and how he plays for the Redskins. There is some type of Indian/Native American Theme going on in regards to the area I live.  Now this guy dies who was a former Buffalo Bill.

I also find it crazy that he dies by getting hit by a train in Vail, Arizona. Scherff is from Denison, Iowa where Yellow Smoke Park is located. Vail is the next closest town to Yellow Smoke Park. The town I live in (Dunlap) was responsible for killing Yellow Smoke. The town was later saved by Freemasons because the Indians knew masonic symbols and believed them. 

Also Vail, Arizona is a city nearby Tucson, Arizona. I just made a series of videos on the College World Series that have all been in connection to what I am saying. Arizona is from Tuscon and they lost to Coastal Carolina. 
The 29th prime number is even 109.
Omaha, Nebraska=109
Arizona the 48th state

Vail Arizona=128
July Second=128
William Penn=128
Pennsylvania became a state on 12+12+17+87=128
Denison, Iowa=128(Where Yellowsmoke Park is, where Brandon Scherff is from). 

What's even more messed up is that Vail, Colorado is where we went on all of our Ski trips when I was a kid. We went to Steamboat 1 time, but all the other times we went to Vail/Keystone. Keystone is 1 of the 4 resorts part of Vail, Colorado.   
Pennsylvania is the Keystone/Quaker State. 

My mom's 1 of 9 kids as well. The first sibling of her's to die died on my brothers 25th bday. 10/15/13. He was from Vail, Iowa. 
Joseph Behrendt=68(My brother) 
Famous for killing Yellowsmoke in 1868. 
Brandon Scherff wore # 68,  Calloway wore # 60. 
The only other sibling of my mom to die was another brother who died the same day as the Philly trainwreck on 5/12/15. 

He wore #60 at Iowa. 

He died on 7/2 yet they don't report it until 7/5...I wonder why? 
They report his death 60 days before Iowa's first game this year. 

He also played on the same team as Tyler Sash who was the former Iowa Hawkeye who died last year on 9/8/15.  I'm sure there's a connection just haven't pieced it together yet. 
I'm wondering if it's something to do with Sash and Vail/Veil?  Have to look more into it. 
Tyler Sash=55
Kyle Calloway= 55 
Iowa Hawkeyes=55

Kyle Calloway born 21/6, and was the 216th pick in the draft. Funny the only other Iowa player that year that was drafted to a team with an Indian reference was Tony Moeaki to the Chiefs. 

Tony Moeaki=128   
Born on 6/8. 

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