Thursday, July 21, 2016

NBA moving All Star Game out of North Carolina 2017. 217 Neil Young- Donald Trump

Cnn breaking news right now is that the NBA All Star Game will be moved out of North Carolina due to the Bathroom law. 

Interesting day to announce this news.  Today is 21/7. 
The NBA All Star Week begins on 2/17/2017. 
Notice also it says on Wiki the front runner next choice is New Orleans. 
New Orleans=45, 126
NBA All Star Game=45, 126
The All Star Game is on 2/19.  Notice they still want to keep the All Star Game in Charlotte in 2019. (219). 

I just mentioned 217 in regards to Kerrie Orozco's death and how it connects to 9/19. 
September Nineteenth=217
Today is also 2 months 17 days after the 46th anniversary of the Kent State Shooting. (5/4/1970)
Neil Young's song "Ohio" sings about 4 dead in Ohio in regards to Kent State shooting. 
Neil Young also in the Band "Crazy Horse"=138(Native American Theme)
Donald Trump=138
The Gravestone with Donald Trump's name on it was on 3/28. 
Which was 2 months 17 days before his 70th birthday. 
I just realized also that this year 8/4 is the 217th day.  Which will be Obama's 54th bday. 

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