Sunday, July 10, 2016

Dallas shooting, A few quick things King Richard III Battle of Alton in English Civil War

Now we get the shooting in Dallas at a Protest of the Shootings from Yesterday?  Notice the Ambulance in the picture is # 38. 

I wish I would've mentioned this beforehand, but I remember thinking the guy in the Background of this news conference was telling us about Texas. With his "T" hat.  Didn't post it cause I wasn't sure if it was a Texas Ranger hat or not. 

This is one of the witnesses in Dallas they interviewed. Now I'm not sure what the Sash he is wearing represents but figured I'd post it, if anyone else knows? Looks like something a native american would wear or possible something to do with Jews? Regardless I think it's funny he is wearing a Sash considering I just mentioned how I think there is something special with the Sash/Veil in regards to the deaths of Iowa Hawkeyes players.   This guy is even holding some type of Pole it looks like in the video? 

5 officers killed 6 wounded. 
56 has been all over these big events. 
All the foreshadowing of assassinated presidents as well. This shooting happens very close to where JFK assassinated.. 

The name of the shooter is very interesting. 
Micah Johnson=129
I saw this number in the death of Kyle Calloway as well. 
He died 1 month 29 days before Iowa's first game this season. 

Some interesting 129's in my notes. 
Republican National Convention=129
President Barack Hussein Obama II=129
Ninety Nine=129
Ninety Five=129
South Park=129
Herbie Husker=129
We have prepared now we strike=129
Anton Lavey=129
King Richard III=129

I talked about this guy a little bit before Leicester(King Power) won. 
Interesting he was the last English King to die in Battle.Also the last ruler of the House of York. 
Remember if Eliz II dies she will be the last ruler of the House of Windsor.  As it will change to Mountbatten-Windsor. 
Anyway I noticed Richard III was also coronated on 7/6, which the Dallas shooting stems from the deaths reported on 7/6. 
Notice he also died on 8/22 which is the day the English Civil War began and also the day Huey P Newton died. 
Anton Lavey=129(Church of Satan in Oakland, where Black Panthers from as well). 

There was also a Battle of Alton during the English Civil War. 
7/7 to 12/13 is 159 days. 
Alton Hampshire=159
It was the first battle to use leather guns. 
Leather Guns=130, 49
Black Panthers=130, 49
Seven Seven=130
July 7th 7/7  or "Seventy Seven"=49

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