Thursday, July 7, 2016

Alton Sterling/Philando Castile Turquoise and Red William Mckinley The Big Stick/Red Stick

We got another shooting of Black Man by a cop yesterday as well. 
Philando Castile. 
I might add some gematria at the end but I want to point out the colors used in this shooting. 
Turqoise and Red, just like the Alton Sterling story. 

There's got to be a reason both stories are using these colors. 

I did just talk about Louisiana and Blue Lives Matter Law and I even mentioned this story that was all about Blue. 
I even mentioned how the Blue Door supposedly keeps away evil spirits according to some native american tribes. 

Now we are getting stories about Baton Rouge and Black Lives Matter. 
Black Lives Matter=173

Obama goes to Baton Rouge for the 1st time ever 173 days before Alton Sterling dies too. 
Both Shootings reported on 7/6. 
Louisiana, Minnesota=76, 211

Maybe nothing but everything I have just posted about in the past week I keep seeing. This shooting happened in Falcon Heights, Minnesota on Larpenteur and Fry St.   Notice some of the other streets in this area.   Underwood St. 
My brother "Joseph Behrendt"=68 married a girl from Underwood, Iowa=68, they live just outside of Underwood and Council, Bluffs now. 
Originally from "Dunlap"=68  Notice there's a N Dunlap St. 
Also Iowa Ave is where I grew up in Dunlap.  Also Crawford Ave on the map.  Crawford County is where Yellowsmoke Park is. 
Dunlap Killed Yellowsmoke in 1868. 
The name Falcon Heights alone reminds me of Native American's. 

Falcon Heights is where the Minnesota State Fair is held. Look at this...Just days before William McKinley is shot at the World Fair in Buffalo, his VP Roosevelt gives a famous speech in regards to a Big Stick at the Minnesota state fair. Baton Rouge named after the Red Stick marking the boundary between the Houma people and Bayogoula people. 
Theodore Roosevelt the youngest person to ever become president at age 42.  "Freemason"=42  
He died in 1919.  
SSS   19 19 19    Baton Rouge on 91W
7/6 to 9/19 is 76 days. 
Remember James Garfield died on 9/19 after being shot at the Train Station.  Lot's of foreshadowing to his death. 
Mckinley dies in 1901.  191(minus 0) 
Pope Francis went to Cuba on 9/19 and much more. 
9/19 is the original day Youtube was showing me by copyright claiming my videos, and they've continued to show me that day in many other instances. 

Got some other stuff I got to do today, but I'm definitely on the right track with this coding being done. Probably make a bunch of videos tonight hopefully when I get time. 

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