Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Wright State pulls out of presidential debate on Sept 26th

Wright State University pulls out of debate with Trump and Clinton on 9/26/16. It's now moving to Hofstra University. 
Wright State=51, 60, 150
Hofstra=87, 33
Clinton=87, 33
Hofstra University=87, 249

Today is 113 days before Election day(end date)

9/26 is 1 month 13 days before election day

9/26 also 30 days before Clinton's 69th bday. 
30th prime is 113

Today is 69 days before 9/26. 

9/26 is also 64 days before Israel celebrates it's 69th anniversary of being recognized. 
9/26 also the day Pope Francis went to Philadelphia. Philadelphia celebrating it's 334th year this year 33 days before Nov. 29th the 334th day of the year. 

September 26th als 26/9 and in a non leap year it's the 269th day of the year. 
Donald Trump Assassinated=269
September Twenty Third=269

Other 269's Interesting: 
September Eleventh Attacks=269
Operation Desert Storm=269
Milwaukee County Sheriff=269(Just talked about him)

Ohio must not be the Right State for whatever the plan is?

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