Saturday, July 16, 2016

Republic of Turkey October 29th Stock Market Crash of 1929

Turkey Republic established on October 29th 1923. 

Interesting day considering The Great Stock Market Crash was on October 29th 1929 as well. 
This year it be the 87th anniversary. 
Herbert Hoover=78  was the President. 

If you go from 8/7 or 7/8 to 10/29 it's a span of 84 days. Also 2 months 23 days. 

Black Tuesday=52, 124
Prophecy=52, 106

The Coup Attempt was 106 days before October 29th. 

Brexit=78    It was also 129 days before October 29th. 
We got the story of Theresa May being the next PM on 7/11 which was 1 month 29 days before 9/9 when the actual election was supposed to take place. 
Ninety Nine=129
Republican National Convention=129
October 29th is 10/29.  (129). 
Micah Johnson=129(Dallas Shooter)
Much more see previous posts. 

As I was looking up the number 87 I found the Element Francium that that an atomic number of 87 and Atomic weight of 223. 
Just interesting it was the last element discovered in nature and not by synthesis. It's named after France. 
Marguerite Perey=87 (discovered it)
Nice France=78

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