Monday, July 18, 2016

Jim Kenney Mayor of Philadelphia

So Zachary K Hubbard has been pointing out the connections to Mayors in recent events. I thought since I've found a big connection to Philadelphia I would look up Philadelphia's Mayor. 
Jim Kenney=43, 52, 106
Prophecy=52, 106
Notice his birthday also 8/7. A big number I have mentioned as it's the 219th day with 146 left. It's super connected to Pope Francis/Queen Elizabeth II and the Philadelphia Trainwreck on 5/12/15. 
5/12 to 8/7 is 87 days. 
5/12 to 12/17 (Pope's bday) is 219 days. 
8/7/15 to 3/13/16(Pope's 3rd anniversary) is 219 days. 
 Much much more in previous posts. 

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  1. I have to wonder if he's a Kennedy. Sometimes the elite change the spelling of names to distract people.

    Jim Kennedy -- 110/47/1143