Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Donald Trumps entrance to We are the Champions, Mandela Effect and interesting connections to my life.

So I was reading Zach's blog earlier and he had this post about Donald Trump entering the Convention to We are the Champions by Queen. 
His entrance reminds me of the Undertaker as well, but anyway It made me listen to the song again. When the song was over, I was expecting "Of the World", but it never came. I listened to multiple videos on Youtube and even the version in my Itunes and it doesn't say "Of the World" either. 
I later found info with people saying it's the Mandela Effect. 
Then others saying it's only on the Live Versions which may be true. I honestly do not remember for sure, but it really seems to me that the versions I listened to were not LIVE versions. 

"We are the Champions....Of the World"=138
Donald Trump=138
He's a Trump.. The Band is Queen, I mean couldn't be a more perfect song. 
There are plenty of other Mandela Effect examples that I can't get over. It may be just some weird mind trick, but I'm not convinced it is. It still intrigues me by far. Anyway I looked up a bit about it and some  Gematria. 

Mandela Effect=50(small way)

Oddly enough it's named after Nelson Mandela who died age 95 according to Wiki. His 98th bday would've even been today, July 18th 2016. 
Dan Behrendt=95, 50(my name)
Nelson Mandela=48, 57, 129
Ninety Five=129, 57
Donald Trump=48, 138 
Berenstein=48 (The correct way to me)

So the term comes from a number of people who remember Mandela actually dying in the 1980's and Fiona Broome and says it could have something to do with Parallel Universes. 

Interesting 113 is often associated with hoaxes in the media. 
Daniel Behrendt=323
The 5th partial bloodmoon was on 3/23. 
I'm not Lucifer but I was Catholic cause I had to be growing up lol. 
I always find 323 interesting when I see it. 
Today was even 8 months 8 days after my 33rd bday. 
88 the time travel/satanic ritual numbers I've noticed. 
I've talked a lot about how my life is connected to the number 8 with a lot of stuff. My mom is the 8th child, I was the 8th grandchild on my Dad's side. We moved into the house my parents live in still when I was 8. I got stitches when I was 8 on 10/4 with 88 days left. 
Daniel Edward Behrendt=176=Back to the Future
The 227th day 8/14/16 is even 88 days or 2 months 27 days before my bday this year on 11/10.  It's also 88 days and 2 months 27 days from 2/6(Queen Eliz II's anniversary). 
227X227=51529  The Zip Code I live in. 

Nelson Mandela died on 12/5. 
Time Travel=125

Weird stuff, and interesting how I have the same gematria and I look it up on Nelson Mandela's birthdays of all days to notice it. 

I've only talked about a few of the Mandela Effect things in my videos. 
Timerider:The adventure of LYNN Swann 
Which I showed multiple examples of where it was LYNN and now it's supposedly LYLE. 
Lyle Swann=35, 44, 125
Lynn Swann=37, 46, 136
He even goes back to November 5th 1877. 
Back to the Future Doc Brown discovers time travel on November 5th. 
Also Time After Time 1979 movie involves November 5th. 
Saturn=511  The keeper of Time. 

Also the movie Hocus Pocus. The cat I swear was named Zachary Binx, and now his name is Thackery. 
Zachary Binx=59, 131
Thackery Binx=59, 140
Hocus Pocus=41, 50, 59, 140. 

The Mandela Effect=65, 128
128 also a number connected to Pennsylvania and Philadelphia. 

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  1. No, no Mandala Effect.

    I remember "We Are the Champions" ending with "... of the world" also. I checked several videos on YouTube and they changed all of them. But you will notice that he is still singing in all of them after the vocals end. They changed the sound track but didn't change the video. I looked the lyrics at several lyrics sites, and those have been edited to.

    So, why no Mandela Effect? Simple, Mandela Effect forgot to re-edit history on the Internet Way-back Machine. Lol. I looked up one of the lyrics sites on way-back and found the lyrics were just as I remember.

    Check it out for yourself, before the spooks fix this "glitch" in the "time line":

    Nelson Mandela did die earlier, 1988 I think, (notice the date) I remember the events clearly. There was a huge food fight between Winnie Mandela and the ANC about book rights, who was going to lead, and many other things. Winnie became the face of the struggle. They put on a huge commemorative "We are the World" style rock show for his death.

    I think they resurrected him around 1990 when the "released" him from prison. Just in time for the "power shift" in South Africa. I had noticed that the news media was mostly lies by then and found it hugely funny. Of course, nobody listened then either. :-)

    I don't buy into the "weird quantum effects" nonsense, so I think The Mandela Effect should really be called gas lighting.