Sunday, July 17, 2016

Baton Rouge Shooting of Police on 7/17. (Short)

Yet another shooting in Baton Rouge. 

Notice the original description of the suspect. 
All Black and wearing a Mask=118
Three Officers Killed=118
Baton Rouge=118
Dallas Texas=118
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania=118
Fifty Six=118 (A number significant to Paris, Isis, Philadelphia and more)
I just made a post and video on Rocky and the connections to recent events in Nice and Turkey. 

Now the name comes out as Gavin Long a former Marine and from Kansas City. 
He supposedly did this on his 29th bday. 
Louisiana named after King Louis XIV. 
Gavin Long=101, 56
Philadelphia=101, 56
Black Lives Matter=56
Royal Family=56
Kansas City=122, 59
Trainwreck=122, 59
Pope Francis=122, 59
All stuff I just mentioned on my last video in regards to Back to the Future/Royal Family/and the Rocky Films and 1985. 

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