Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Italy Train Wreck/ Back to the Future/Pope Francis Train coding Giancarlo Stanton 61 HR's.

Passenger Trains=185, 68 (keep seeing 185 a lot in previous posts)

Southeastern Italy=232, 70
Kansas=232 (Jewish) (Train Wreck on 3/14)
Satan=232 (Jewish)
Notice the updated time is at 2:32 PM. 

Obama was 232 days old when Marilyn Monroe and JFK had an affair on 3/24/62.  James Monroe the 5th president died on July 4th 1831 the 55th anniversary of the US. 

The 1994-95 MLB Strike lasted 232 days(see farther down)

Back to the Future Three=232
Marty leaves 1885 on 9/7 or 7/9. 
Seventy Nine=152
Death of Merle Haggard Train Derailments 923 79 152
One Hundred Fifty Two=232
Pope Francis turned 79 in 2015. 

Paris Terrorists Attacks=232 (remember the train wreck in France the day after on Prince Charles Bday)

Cleveland Cavaliers win championship two thousand sixteen=232(Talked about how the Train wrecks were connected to the NBA Finals and other sports)

Twenty Three=55, 163
Twenty Seven=55 (Updated amount of deaths)
Time Machine=55, 100
Back to the Future=59
Pope Francis=59
Miami Marlins=59
Flux Capacitor=59
Doc Brown and Marty both leave 1955 to get to 1885. 
Fifty Five=54, 108
Fifty Nine=54, 108
One Hundred Sixty Three=108
One Hundred=54, 108
Great Chicago Fire started on 10/8/1871  which will be 145 years ago this year. 
Chicago, Illinois=145
Obama will be 55 on 8/4 and connects to Chicago. 
10/8 leaves 84 days in the year. 

Today even 88 days before 10/8. Cubs haven't won the world series in 108 years in October 2016. 
Marlins and Cubs have both played 88 games this season as well. 
Chicago Cubs=55

All the train wrecks have been connected to Pope Francis and now we get a Train wreck in Italy. (Vatican)

Today is exactly 61 weeks after the Philly Trainwreck. 

Also 61 days after the 1 year anniversary of the Philly Trainwreck. 

Sixty One=41, 131
Obama was born in 61'
The Civil War began in 61'
President Obama=61
Princess Diana was born in 61' and died 61 days after her 36th bday. Died on 8/31 which leaves 122 days in the year. 
Diana Spencer=55 
Prince Charles turned 61 in 2009 when Obama became President.
Bernie Sanders=61 (Just endorsed Clinton today).
Michael J Fox turned 55 years old 33 days ago. Born in 61'

Just got the story of Giancarlo Stanton hitting 61 HR's. 
Miami Marlins=131
Can't help but think of the Back to the Future in regards to Miami and the Cubs playing well either. Back to the Future III ends with Train # 131 pushing the Delorean back to 1985.  
1885 to 2016 is also 131 years.  
Then Doc Brown makes the Time Machine out of Train after the Delorean gets destroyed by a Train. 
Stanton will also turn 27 years old on election day. 
Giancarlo Cruz Michael Stanton=122
Pope Francis=122

Today is even 1 month 22 days(end date) before the day Marty Mcfly arrives in 1885. 
10+27+85=122 (Back to Future End Date)

Today is even 5 months 5 days before Pope Francis 80th bday. 
Prince Charles=131, 68
King Charles=80, 107

Also 107 days before Oct 27th the day Back to Future Ends in 1985. 

Also 125 days before Prince Charles 68th bday. 
Time Travel=125
Clock Tower=125
Philly Train Wreck on 12/5 or 5/12. 

Gotta think more on this but Back to the Future has been a big piece to multiple puzzles. 

A few possible connections in regards to the date I find interesting: 

Today also is 12/7 or 7/12.  
Area code I live in is 712. I only  personally knew 1 person who has ever died from a Train Accident. 
Jason Hoffman=122 
127 is the 31st prime number. 
Back to the Future came to an end 31 years ago in October. 
Thirty One=134=King Charles III

Falcon Heights=127
Houma People=127 (Baton Rouge origin)
I had a dream last night about being trapped inside a cave with a bunch of writings on the Wall. The only thing I could make out was BEB.  I looked it up today and it redirects you to Horus. I guess Beb was the first son of Osiris. 
Just interesting in regards to Horus having the head of the Falcon. 

The Exorcism in Earling, Iowa lasted 127 days. 
Tow Hundred Sixty Sixth Pope=127
Buckingham Palace=127
Vatican City=127
Gun Violence=127

Camilla Bowles=127
All Star Week=127
A few other possible connections I find interesting are: 

Train Time Machine=162
July Twelfth=162
Major League Baseball=162
Play 162 regular season games. 

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