Monday, July 18, 2016

Bojan Bogdanovic escapes Turkey on a Boat

NBA Player Bojan Bogdanovic escapes Turkey on a Boat. 

Remember earlier this year he scored a career best 44 points in a game. He also wears # 44. Notice it was against the Philadelphia 76ers as well. 
The game was on 15/3. 
Bojan Bogdanovic=62, 134
Brooklyn Nets=62
King Charles III=134
Notice they beat the 76ers with 131 points. 
Prince Charles=131
Sixty Two=38
6/2 is the 153rd day. 
9/23 Bogdanovich scores 44

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  1. I'm always amazed by people (with obviously too much money) thinking it's a grand idea to go vacation in these backward third world shitholes and Islamic havens...
    Dubai or Turkey would not be among my #1 vacation hotspot choices. And then they wonder why they have problems when problems arise. I guess given enough money changing hands, you too could 'escape' during a political coup.