Monday, July 11, 2016

Theresa May becoming new British PM, Miss Universe 80

We get the news today 7/11 that Theresa May will become the new British PM on 7/13. 

It says that she won because Andrea Leadsome withdrew. 
Andrea Leadsom=112, 49, 58
Theresa May=43, 52, 115 

Andrea Leadsome born on May 13th. A day I've been mentioning for months.
5/13 to 7/11 is 59 days or 1 month 28 days. With the End Date it would be 60 days or 1 month 29 days. 
The Election for Conservative Party wasn't supposed to be until 9/9/16. 
7/11 to 9/9 is 60 days or 1 month 29 days. 

Theresa May is 59 years old. 

She takes over 80 days before her 60th Bday. 
Conservative Party=80
King Charles III=80 
American Civil War=80

Her Bday also interesting in regards to the Miss Universe Pageant last year on 12/20/2015. 
10/1 is Jimmy Carter's Bday. Also the day of the Roseburg, Oregon Shooting.  
Roseburg, Oregon=80  
Carter's grandson died on 12/20 which is 80 days later. Also 2 months 19 days. 
219 a big number I keep mentioning as well in regards to 8/7 and Queen Elizabeth/Pope Francis.  

10/1 also leaves 91 days in the year.  Carter turned 91 last year. 
91 a number of elimination. 
James Garfield assassinated on 9/19.  "September Nineteenth"=91
He was shot by "Charles Julius Guiteau"=80. 
Guiteau died 9 months 11 days after Garfield. 

The Miss Universe pageant had 80 contestants. 
December Twentieth=80

12/20/15 to 10/1/16 is 9 months 11 days. 

Florida Nightclub=80
Big Stick=80(Teddy Roosevelt's speech)
Six Miranda Drive=80 (Original name of The Darkness about Native american hauntings)
Gwen Renee Stefani=80
Donald Trump Assassinated=80
Obama's Lame Duck Period=80

Remember Donald Trump used to partially own Miss Universe but then had the controversy about Mexicans last year. He became sole owner of Miss Universe on 9/11/15 and then later sold it to WME-IMG. Which sticks out because today we also got the story of UFC being sold to WME-IMG. 

Funny looking back at it now, I just realized when Steve Harvey messed up saying Colombia won it would've been Back to Back Miss Universe winners for Colombia. 

Steve Harvey born on 1/17 like Michelle Obama and Muhammad Ali. Today even 11/7. 

Who knows, I still feel like the Miss Universe pageant was giving us a major clue of Queen Elizabeth II death or some type of switch in power. 


  1. As far as the UFC-WME-IMG-Trump connection, remember that Donald Trump used to act for the WWF/WWE. He was a guest referee and announcer for several WrestleManias years ago. He personally got involved in several of the matches. Look up WWF Trump on YouTube.

    1. Thanks I forgot about that. There's even a video on Facebook with Stone Cold screaming at Trump. A bunch of websites originally said UFC was sold to WWE too.

    2. The tie would suggest that the pro wrestling narrative may code a lot of presidential predictive programming.