Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Kansas City Police Officer Robert Melton Killed July 19th

Yet another Police Officer Killed. 
Police Officer=122
Kansas City=122
Capt. Robert Melton=197
Today's date is 19/7. 
One Hundred Ninety Seven=107=King Charles
Kansas City ROYALS. (Yes I know they play in Missouri)
Kansas=38, 65
Prince=38, 65

Robert David Melton=197

In regards to Prince. 
Today is 118 days before Prince Charles 68th bday. 
Dallas Texas=118
Baton Rouge=118
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania=118
The election is on 11/8. 

Notice today also 2 months 28 days after the Death of Prince(singer)

He was shot at 2 pm on 22nd street. The emergency crews arrive at 2:22.  Then pronounce him dead 33 minutes later. He's also the 2nd Police officer to die in Kansas City in 2 months.  A lot of 2's. 
Two=58=Robert Melton=Freemasonry
Notice how the article headline also uses KCK instead of Kansas City Kansas? 
K=2 C=3 K=2   

Remember we got the Kansas Amtrak derailment on Pi Day. 
It was 4 months 5 days ago. 
45th prime is 197
If we use the End Date it's 4 months 6 days or 128 days. 
719 is also the 128th prime. (number connected to PA)
Robert Melton dies age 46. 
The last officer to die was Brad Lancaster. 
Brad Lancaster=46, 118
Baton Rouge=46, 118
Dallas Texas=46, 118
Says Melton was a cop for 17 years. 
Omaha Nebraksa=46 (Obama in Omaha then Baton Rouge)
Forty Six=46, 136
One Hundred Thirty Six=107=King Charles

Zach has been showing how these events are connected to the Mayors of the City. Kansas City's Mayor is Mark Holland. 
Mark Holland=46

Wouldn't you know. It's 2 months 28 days before his birthday as well. 

Notice if the Royals lose today they will also get their 46th loss. Ironically they are playing Cleveland who is hosting the Republican National Convention. I have mentioned this day might have something to do with Republican National Convention for months. So who knows doesn't seem as if anything big will happen, but interesting we get another cop killed when the Royals play Cleveland. 

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