Thursday, July 14, 2016

Ammon, Idaho Transgender arrested for Voyeurism

Just saw this story on Facebook Trending articles. 
Shauna Smith=43, 133
43 years old. 
Idaho the 43rd state. 
Shauna Patricia Smith=210, 84

Charge with "Voyeurism"=48, 147
Ammon, Idaho=48, 93

The thing that sticks out the most on this story is the location. 
Ammon, Idaho. 

How fitting for the story to be in Ammon when in the bible the Ammonites were from Ben-Ammi who was the son of Lot and his daughter. I know not the same thing, but this story of a transgendered person doing an inappropriate act seems fitting. 

Ammon also the capital of the country Jordan. It was known as Rabbath Ammon, and also Philadelphia before becoming Ammon. 
I made a ton of videos in regards to Michael Jordan and Space Jam over a year ago. I even mentioned how it was Philadelphia, Jordan until the year 106 AD and then later destroyed by Earthquakes. 
10/6 Gregorian is also 9/23 Julian. 
The Philly Trainwreck going 106mph engine number 601. 
Anyway the Fresh Prince also from Philadelphia.
King Charles III=134
I have a ton of videos in regards to a Philadelphia/East Coast Earthquake as well.   Happy Gilmore even learns to putt on the Earthquake Golf Course and the building that falls over looks a lot like the Comcast Center in Philly. 

Ammonites god was also Molech. The God they celebrate at Bohemian Grove. Children were sacrificed to Molech which also interesting in regards to this transgendered bathroom story. It's just gonna make people think about their children being attacked by predators in the bathroom. 

First comment I see on it...My point exactly lol. 

Also in regards to Ammon I can't help but think of Ammon Bundy leader of the Oregon Standoff. 
This standoff came to an end on 2/11/16. 
So 153 days ago. 
Transgender Man=153
Robert Finicum=153
Notice this standoff took place on 43N too. 
This standoff was connected to the Alamo as well. 
Alamo Bowl Bundy Standoff pt 1
Alamo Bowl Bundy Standoff pt 2
Funny as I'm thinking back on it, the boy ate by the Alligator in Orlando was connected to the Battle of the Buena Vista. Which was a battle in the Mexican-American War.  The Alamo was part of the Texas Revolution which later was connected to the Mexican-American War. 
Something I'm gonna have to look back at again now. 

Idaho also reminds me of the first nuclear reactor to generate electricity. Which was foreshadowed in the commercial with all the Eiffel Tower pictures. Then we got the Isis attack in Paris later last year.  Paris the known as the "City of Light". 

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