Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Gwen Stefani Hell and Torture over Rossdale's Cheating May 13th 513 134 Royal theme

Gwen Stefani=123, 51
Gavin Rossdale=146, 56
Prince of Wales=146
United Kingdom=146
Hell, Torture=154

2/9/15? Hmmm. 
Iowa the 29th state
Just interesting considering what I have been mentioning, and how long ago that was. 

Ha, go figure this article comes out 513 days later. The May 13th stuff again. 
I noticed that the first "Conspiracy" video I ever put on youtube was 5 months 13 days after my 30th bday on 4/23/14. 
I got that weird comment about too much time on my hands on my Freddie Gray video that I put out 513 days before the comment. 

Remember Youtube gave me a copyright claim after my prince video this year 5 months 13 days after my 33rd bday. 
The video they claimed I put out 513 days before Prince died. 
I talked about the Movie Money Monster in regards to 5/13 but interesting I've been mentioning the native american theme. 

In May I went to the AMC in Council Bluffs. My girlfriend didn't want to watch Money Monster so we saw this movie instead. The Darkness that came out on 5/13 as well.. I had never even heard of it. Crazy it's about an autistic boy who takes ancient Anasazi rocks from their vacation spot and it ends up haunting them. It's all about the Gods of the Anasazi Indians trying to get to our world. 
Obamacare is great and it's really working=513
Rigged Basketball=513
Five Hundred Thirteen=107=King Charles=Earthquake

Notice the Article above is written because Stefani was interviewed by Harpers Bazaar magazine. 
Harpers Bazaar=134=King Charles III
May 13th the 134th day of the year. 

The Article later goes on to mention her relationship with Blake Shelton and being on the show The Voice together. 
This just reminds me of the recent death of Christina Grimmie. 

Gwen Stefani reminds me of the Gay theme as well. I remember years ago her and Lady Gaga were talked about constantly about really being Men, but who knows just pointing that out. 

Gwen's Ex Husband also in one of my favorite bands as a kid. Interesting it says he also wrote a song called Adrenaline for the XXX Soundtrack. Then Undertaker also used the song.  I just mentioned how Undertaker's Streak was broken at Wrestlemania XXX and it's connections to the College World Series. 

Funny how Stefani mentions Hell and Torture too. Rossdale was Balthazar in the movie Constantine about keeping the balance of Heaven and Hell. 

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  1. Look into more ancient gemartria - many ancients til now in the occult make offerings and sacrifices to "Jinn" in exchange for powers and favors. These are entities that explain ghosts and old world "gods" - "the blue devils"