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1989 Airplane Crash Flight 232 in Sioux City Iowa/ Royal Family/ Back to the Future and more

Someone in my comments asked me to take a look at Flight 232 that crashed in Sioux City, Iowa on July 19th 1989. 
Interesting it has a lot of the same numbers I have been covering lately. 
Sioux City=46, 55, 145

It even says it's also just west of Sergeant Bluff. 
Sergeant Bluff=55
First off I want to point out the location of Sioux City, Iowa. 
42N 96W
Freemason=42, 96
Sioux Gateway Airport=96
It even opened on 7/5 1942. 

It killed 111 people with 185 survivors so 296 people Total. 

The plane was going from Denver to Chicago and had Tail Engine Failure. Look at the actual destination though.  Philadelphia..Of Course where the Fresh Prince is from. 

It crashes on 19/7.  
King Charles III=134
Tail Engine Failure=168, 87
Queen Elizabeth II=168, 87
July Nineteenth Nineteen Eighty Nine=168
Notice there were 111 fatalities as well. Queen Elizabeth born on the 111th day of the year. 

Look at that. Sioux City also 19 hours 7 minutes driving to Philadelphia. 
Says without traffic is' 18 hours 5 minutes. 

Notice it happened 89 days after Eliz II's 63rd bday in 1989. 
Sioux City Airport=89
Also 2 months 28 days. 

It was also 23 weeks 2 days after the 37th anniversary of her being Queen. 
Flight 232... Interesting also 513 that May 13th stuff I've mentioned a lot. 
May 13th leaves 232 days in the year. 

2/6 to 5/13 is 3 months 7 days.

5/13 to 7/19 is 2 months 6 days. 
Two Hundred Thirty Two=101=Philadelphia
1989 was also during the 101st US congress. 
101 is the 26th prime. 

George HW Bush had just become president in 1989 as well. 
George HW Bush=138
Donald Trump=138 (just found that interesting) especially since a big deal in this flight was that 185 survived. 
Donald John Trump=185

Flight 232 happened  37 days after George HW Bush's 65th birthday too. 
Philadelphia=65 (Final Destination)
Queen Elizabeth II's 37th year as Queen. 
Thirty Seven=165    
Scottish Rite=165
July 19th leaves 165 days in the year. 

Eliz II's 37th year started 126 days before Bush's bday on 12/6 even. 
June 12th the 163rd day of the year. Remember Flight 232 was 163 days after Queen Eliz's 37th year as Queen. 
Make America Great Again=163
Barack Hussein Obama=163
163 is the 38th prime.... Prince=38=Death
Also 4 months 6 days. 
Sioux City=46, 55, 145

The engine even failed at 37, 000 feet. 

The Pilot who saved 185 lives even born on 31/8. 
Princess Diana died on 31/8. 
Apollo Creed died on 31/8 (Philadelphia)
Prince Charles born on 318th day of the year. 
The Worst East Coast Earthquake on Record was on 31/8. 
Earthquake=107=King Charles

Sioux City Airport home to 185th Air Refueling Wing as well. 

Alfred Haynes also from Paris, Texas and is 84 years old this year. 
84 has been a big number this year as well.  I'll show some examples later. 

Alfred Haynes=55, 118. 
Sioux City=55
Captain Haynes=55
Two Three Two=55

So the main Pilot of Flight 232 was hired on 2/23 or 23/2 in 1956? 
Plane Crash=56
Royal Family=56
Fifty Six=55
The Crash happened in his 33rd year with the company. 
He was hired age 24.  24th prime is 89. 

His last proficiency check was on 4/26. which was 2 months 23 days before the Crash also 84 days. 
The plane was traveling from Denver to Chicago when it crashed in Sioux City. 
Sioux City=145
Chicago, Illinois=145

Back to the Future has also been a big piece to this Royalty Puzzle. Back to the Future 2 came out in 1989. I've talked about this year seems to be connected to Part 3 though. 
Back to the Future Three=232    Flight 232 

Back to the Future II came out 126 days after Flight 232. Interesting because of the 126 days between Eliz anniversary and Bush's bday on 12/6. 

Back to Future II came out 6 months 3 days before Part 3 also. So Part II came out when Elizabeth II was 63 years old. 
Doc Brown Discovered Time Travel in 1955 which was 33 years before Flight 232. 

The Airport renamed Colonel Bud Day Field on May 25th 2002. He was born on the 55th day of the year. 

232 days before Flight 232 was 11/29 which was Israels 41st anniversary of being recognized. 

232 days after Flight 232 was 3/8. 

Back to the Future series ends on Oct 27th 1985.  Which is also Philadelphia's 303rd anniversary. That means 1989 on Oct 27th it was their 307th.  
307 is the 63rd prime. Also without the 0 it's 37. 

Interesting that Obama was 27 years old when Flight 232 happened. It's also been 27 years. 
Twenty Seven=46, 55=Sioux City

They even made a movie about Flight 232 starring Charlton Heston as the Pilot. 
Notice it came on the 55th day of the year. 
A Thousand Heroes=65=Prince=Philadelphia

Charlton Heston dies age 84 on 4/5.  The Pilot he played is 84 years old this year. 
45th prime is 197. 

Heston dies 185 days after his 84th bday. Playing a character who saves 185 lives. 
Missing Airplanes=185 (We've been getting a lot of these stories lately). 
United States of America=84
Jesuit=84 (Pope Francis 1st Jesuit)
Francis born on 12+17+19+36=84
84th prime is 433. We are in the 433rd year of the Gregorian Calendar. 
Obama=84 born on 8/4. 
Revolutionary War=84
George III=84(American Revolution)
Charles II=84  died on 2/6. 
There's been all types of Headlines in the news with 84 lately as well.  
Baton Rouge Louisiana=84
Wurzburg Germany=84(Train Attack)
We are the Champions=84(Trumps entrance song)
The Movie Bastille Day came 84 days before the Nice, Attack on Bastille Day. 
84 people killed in Nice. (French Revolution)
Francois Hollande=84(president of France)
Much more....

The other pilot/passenger who helped Haynes was Dennis Fitch. Notice he dies on 5/7. 
Dennis Fitch=57, 111
Alfred Haynes was 57 years old when the plane crashed. 
111 dead. 
He died from a "Brain Tumor"=131
Fifty Seven=131
Prince Charles=131
He died in St. Charles in 2012 when Prince Charles was 63. 

Very interesting that even this event seems to be some type of ritual for the Royal Family. I wonder if it's because it was in 1989. I haven't figured out the exact reason, but 1989 has seemed to be special to Queen Elizabeth II.  
Taylor Swift=168
Queen Elizabeth II=168
Swift born in 89 has the album 1989. Last year they referred to her as the Queen of the VMA's. 
1989 also the year of the Subway Series in San Francisco with the Loma Prieta Earthquake that happened on 10/17/89. It was 2 months 28 days after July 19th. So July 19th the halfway point of Elizabeth II's 63rd bday, and that Earthquake during the World Series. 

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  1. Thank you for looking into this for us. I was born in Sioux City, now reside in Chicago. I found it interesting as Sioux City = 145 & Chicago = 145. My uncle told me Sioux City used to be called “Little Chicago” back in the day.
    I was 11 years old (dob: 7/3/78 – mirrored queen Elizabeths 37th year as Queen, failed engine 37,000, etc) when flight 232 crashed at SUX.

    Since learning about gematria, I found it creepy that my father (Philip) died on the 330th day of the year (11/26/1989) at age 46. Creepy because 330 is like 33 which is one of their favorite #s. Also creepy with this 232 as his name is connected with Philadelphia &/or prince Philip. His middle name (Michael) & last name (won't list for privacy purposes) both individually equaled 33 (English reduction) too. Middle name Michael also equals 96 (English gematria). He was involved in flight 232 recovery in some capacity as worked for the city as the "water superintendent", jewish gematria 1864. The crash occurred at SUX (SC airport), simple gematria 64 (mirrored 46), recall Sioux City = 46. Heart attack = 108 in simple gematria, mirrored 81. He died on a “walk” (47 simple gematria) on “Cheyenne Blvd” (simple gematria 119).

    The dates from the 232 crash and my dad’s death are notable, mirrored 74 & 84 depending on including the end date.
    From and including: Wednesday, July 19, 1989 (232 crash)
    To, but not including Sunday, November 26, 1989 (dad’s death)
    Result: 130 days
    It is 130 days from the start date to the end date, but not including the end date
    Or 4 months, 7 days excluding the end date

    From and including: Wednesday, July 19, 1989 (232 crash)
    To and including: Sunday, November 26, 1989 (dad’s death)
    Result: 131 days
    It is 131 days from the start date to the end date, end date included
    Or 4 months, 8 days including the end date

    1989 was also during the 101st US congress. 101 is the 26th prime. My dad died on 11/26, from an assumed heart attack. His first (Phil) and last name = 105 with (mirrored 51 = conspiracy). Before my dad died he had a family of 7 with 5 children.
    To some it may all seem to be a stretch. That a common man like my dad couldn’t have been a target, that it is all coincidence. Maybe so. However, I wonder how many common people are sacrificed by the numbers with these psychopaths “playing god”. I wonder how many of the “accidental” hospital deaths (3rd leading cause of death in US) are truly “accidental”.
    Thanks for your insightful work Dan, I’m looking forward to your 232 video if you decide to still make it. You may find it interesting that gematria analyzer Matthew Nicholson has predicted 11/26/16 as the start of WW3 as a result of some impressive analysis. When I applied his analysis to my birthday I saw the connection with my dad’s death age 46:
    7/3/1978 = 73 + 1978 = 2051 and 2051 = 2051+2x5x1= 2062+2602= 4664

    I had a strong connection with my dad, in some ways I think I was his favorite. I was profoundly influenced by his death. RIP dad.