Friday, July 15, 2016

Nice, Paris Attack connected to 64th Miss Universe and Royal Coding/Trump-Pence/ 48 in multiple recent events

The French Republic established 223 years ago on 9/22. 

Today's attack comes 9 months 22 days after 9/22. 

Remember Pope Francis arrived in the US on 9/22.

Friday the Thirteenth=223 (Paris attacks on 11/13)
The Synagogue of Satan=223

In my previous post I even mentioned how Mike Pence and Prince were connected to this day and tomorrow. 
Notice Prince died 2 months 23 days ago on Queen Elizabeth's 90th bday. 
Charlie Hebdo=90

Today even 1 year 6 months 8 days after Charlie Hebdo. 
Queen Elizabeth II=168

Anyway I keep mentioning the Miss Universe/Pageants. Remember we got a similar story about a car driving on the sidewalk hitting pedestrians on 12/20. The same day the Miss Universe was held. The incident happened in Las Vegas, where Miss Universe was being held as well. 
I talked a lot about how Steve Harvey messing up was symbolic of a switch in power of the Royal Family. 
Steve Harvey born on 1/17. I just mentioned this in the previous post.  7/14 to 11/7 is 117 days.   Prince's died 1 month 17 days before his and Mike Pence's bday on 6/7. 
117 days after Prince death is 16/8(Queen Elizabeth II)
Las Vegas Strip=168=Queen Elizabeth II

Look at that, it was 207 days ago. 

Also 38 days after the Paris Attacks on 11/13. 

This driving incident even involved 38 victims.
See previous posts 38 has been big this year. 

Today also 70 days before the 224th anniversary of the French Republic. 
Seventy=29, 38

Donald Trump just turned 70  years old 31 days ago(End date)
The driver today is being said to be a 31 year old. 
Thirty One=134=King Charles III
Of Course Donald Trump's connection to Miss Universe as well. 

The Las Vegas incident was also 177 days before Trump's 70th bday. 
Lakeisha Holloway=177 (Driver in Vegas)
Miss Colombia who Steve Harvey Messed up and said won was Ariadna Gutierrez=177, 87  
She lost the crown....Queen Elizabeth II=87 

They even tell us how she stopped at Paris intersection. I mean talk about foreshadowing...
Nice France=78
I keep mentioning the connection to August 7th. In France August 7th is 7/8. 
It's normally the 219th day with 146 remaining. 
Donald Trump born on 14/6
Prince of Wales=146 (Charles)
United Kingdom=146

July Fourteenth=65=Prince
Prince died age 57 
Fifty Seven=131=Prince Charles

Theresa May's bday of 10/1 also connected to Prince/King Charles and the Miss Universe.  80 days before, 80 contestants on "December Twentieth"=80 and more. 
King Charles III=80 

Today is also 243 days after Prince Charles bday. 
Princess Diana died in Paris on the 243rd day. 
12/20 to 2/6 is 48 days(Elizabeth's 64th anniversary)
7/14 to 8/31 is 48 days (Diana's death)
11/13 (Paris Attacks) leaves 48 days in the year. 
Donald Trump=48
Beauty Pageant=48
Hit by a truck=48, 138=Donald Trump
Malcolm Little=48 (Malcolm X)  XX=48
Founded by Adam Weishaupt who was born in 1748.
48th prime is 223. 
Prince Charles born in 1948
King Charles I died age 48. 
Charles II=48
Iowa=48 The 29th State(France)
Harrison=48 (9th and 23rd president and county I live in)
Ten Days after=48 (today 10 days after 7/4)
Andrew Jackson=48
Steven Tyler=48=Toxic Twins
Yellowstone=48 (Story of Tesla Autopilot)
Pokemon Go=48
Obama's bday on 4/8 or 8/4. 

14/7 even 48 days after the 147th day(non leap)
Notice 48 days also sometimes 1 month 17 days. 
We keep getting stories involving Arizona the 48th state. 
The only person to die in Las Vegas incident was from Arizona.
Most of Arizona was gained in 1848 with the end of the Mexican-American War. A topic I keep mentioning as well...Think about Donald Trump yet again and his stance on Mexico...
The Anasazi Indians located in this area as well. They eventually lived of the sides of cliffs before disappearing. We even just got the story of a lady who fell into the Grand Canyon. Trumps VP from Indiana named after the Indians.  
The Darkness=70 (Recent movie about the Anasazi). 


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