Thursday, July 9, 2020

Kanye had coronavirus and no longer supports Trump

Kanye West had Coronavirus during Black History Month? haha give me a break. 
Kim Kardashian=56
Paris France=56
Black Lives Matter=56
Climate Change=56
I'm just mentioning some of these as they were important in 2015 when Kanye was synced to the Paris attacks. 

Remember Taylor Swift is important to the Umbrella symbolism too. She released the video, "Me" video that involved France and Mary Poppins/Umbrella's. 
This is an interesting article from 2015 after Kanye announced he was running in 2020 too. Rihanna would stand under Kanye's UMBRELLA? 
Recall, when Kanye visited the White House I was talking about King Arthur and Rhiannon(Lady of the Lake)/Fleetwood Mac....I find it interesting Rihanna/Rhiannon...
Rihanna synced to the Jesuits in 2017...also Neptune...God of the Sea...Lady of the Lake?

Jim Brown went to the White House with Kanye West..
Notice he is 84 years old currently. 
James Nathaniel Brown=78
Jesuit=78 and 84
OJ Simpson broke his 133 yard per game rushing record...Walter Payton broke his career rushing yards in 84'. 
OJ Simpson synced to the Jesuits/84/Vegas Attack....

It makes me think about Jim Brown being in the film "Mars Attacks". He is dressed like an Egyptian in Las Vegas. 


  1. Collin Morikawa is leading the PGA Tour in Dublin, Ohio.

    Morikawa is 23 years old from Los Angeles. (LeBron James, #23, born in OHIO< Where tournament is held, plays for Los Angeles).

    The tournament ends 157 days from Morikawa's b-day, Kobe Bryant = 157, died on 157th day of age in California. Morikawa born on the 26th.

    Morikawa went to CAL University, the GOLDEN Bears, the course playing, in Dublin OHIO is Jack Nicklaus course, who's nicknamed THE GOLDEN BEAR.

    Morikawa is 23 years old, LeBron James #23. Sunday is Orangemens Day, which celebrates
    Protestant King William of Orange over Catholic King James II at the Battle of the Boyne.
    KING JAMES, LeBRON James won the Championship for OHIO (where Tournament is held) on the Real KING JAMES birthday.

    What a tribute we have on our hands here by the PGA Tour.

  2. Northern Ireland Day, July 12th, Tournament end date. There is 1 Golfer from NORTHER IRELAND, Rory McILROY, Collin Morkiawa made his PGA Tour debut in 2019 at the RBC-Canadian Open which RORY MCILORY Won.

    For the cherry on top, It's Morikawa's 26th PGA Start. (Kobe, dead on the 26th in Los Angeles).

  3. Im blown away. Morikiwa wins it, in 3rd Overtime. I got an update from PGA on ESPN APP that says Morikawa and Justin Thomas going to playoff in 401st round of WorkDay Classic.


    41, Like Kobe.

    '2nd PGA Win, in 24th Pro Start". (26th PGA Start (2 amateur starts).

    157 days from his b-day. Wow

  4. Even funnier, he was down 3 strokes with 3 strokes to play. Justin Thomas would have to bogey his final 3 holes, and he did.

    One of the best golfers in the world, 'bogey's' his final 3 holes with a 3 hole lead, to go to overtime. 3 Round overtime. 33.

    Couldn't have scripted it any better.

  5. Awesome Derek!
    Collin Morikawa = 712(RS) like the date of the final day ...
    Also clues for the upcoming Majors...
    Collin Morikawa = 156(EO) 222(RO)
    Cheers WB

  6. If you are talking about Jim Brown, you should definitely watch RUNNING MAN.

    Real Life Running Man Show aired a few years ago.

  7. Million Dollar Mile was the name of it.

  8. Morikawa shot a '6 Under, -66" in Final Round to Win.


    Kobe Bryant. 666. *81 point game in his 666th Start.