Monday, July 20, 2020

My old video about the 2015 Masters-Spain-Morocco-Sahara Dust

I was looking at my old videos and I had one about the 2015 Masters. I predicted that Jordan Spieth would win the Masters, because Michael Jordan was huge in the coding of 2015...
Anyway, the only reason I'm posting this is I also mention Jack Nicklaus in the video. 
Jordan Spieth=68
I just documented a bunch of 68 with Jack Nicklaus. 
I also want to point out that in my Arnold Palmer syncs, the Royal Family was important. The 84th Masters falls over Prince Charles' bday. 
Prince Charles=68

It's also funny that I mention the guy who won the Masters in 94''s a guy from SPAIN. I mentioned this because 94 is the reflection of 49....and this guy was 49 years old....Jack Nicklaus won the Masters 49 years before 2015....Michael Jordan had a bunch of syncs to 49/Valentines I noticed in 2015. 
Valentines=49 and 121..(Nicklaus bday is 1/21)
1949 was the year the Green Jacket became a thing in the Masters. 
Golden Bear...Gold....49ers...Golden State went on to win the NBA finals that year..
Jon Rahm was born in 94' as well.  SPAIN...49.....What am I supposed to see? 

Funny I look up Spain and it even tells you in the first paragraph how Spain is the only European country to border an African country(Morocco). 
I seriously didn't know that until the other day looking up Nick Cannon's kid...Now I'm thinking I should pay attention to Morocco more than Spain..
I mean Spain is important to the Jesuits..Henry VIII married Catherine of Aragon...daughter of Isabella I who financed Christopher Columbus.....the same Pope who excommunicated Henry VIII approved the Jesuits...

Morocco established it's independence in 56'.....thinking coronavirus...jesuits..
Morocco's King is currently 56 years old..
Mohammed VI=49

The Prime Minister was born in 56'. 

Morocco is also in the Sahara Desert part of Africa, which makes me think of the Saraha Dust coming to the United States. 


  1. Yesterday's Final was 17 weeks to day of Masters Sunday.
    17 the 59th prime
    Spain = 17 (English Ordinal).

    Yesterday has matching Date Numerology with November 15th, 2020, Masters Sunday.
    In all 5 date methods.

    Yesterday's date 19/7, reminds us of 197 the 45th prime. Trump the 45th President. Remember the PGA Tour returned after Corona Virus with first tournament back ending on Trump's birthday June 14th.
    The runner up yesterday as somebody mentioned last post was Ryan Palmer = 146.

    1. (Error) < Spain = 59 (English Ordinal), 17th prime. 17 weeks from Masters Sunday

  2. Additionally, Jon Rahm win yesterday came on his 3 month 22 day of age, 322 = Skull & bones.

  3. 17 weeks from Masters Sunday. Tournament was held in Ohio. Ohio the 17th State.

    "DUBLIN' Ohio, specifically.

    Dublin makes us think of Ireland. Dublin, the Capital and largest city in Ireland.
    With the matching Date Numerology of Master's Sunday. Is this pointing to Irish Golfer, Rory McIroy winning the Masters?

  4. So the PGA Tour is playing in Minnesota this week, July 20th week. July 20th the Moon Landing. 51st Anniversary, Moon = 51.

    Minnesota. Home of the Minnesota Timberwolves. Their logo is a Wolf howling. 'The 3M Classic" made it's debut on PGA Tour last year on July 4th weekend, with golfer 'Matthew WOLF" winning. Are you kidding me. Now the week of the moon landing, the PGA Tour is back in Minnesota. Beginning on the same day the NBA RETURNS. NBA, Kobe Bryant, the Lakers came from MINNESOTA.

    Minnesota, home of George Floyd incident.
    BLAINE, Minnesota.
    Blaine = 119
    George Floyd = 119.

  5. BANE.......Dark Knight, Famous for his Masks....the country is walking around in Masks over the masks


  7. "The film was released in the United States and the United Kingdom on July 20, 2012."

  8. The Moon, relating to NASA. HOUSTON Texas, Where NASAS is based. Dan, you;ve brought up Houston connections all year round.

    The World Series MVP was Steven Strastburgh, who threw the final pitch in HOUSTON Texas, defeating Houston. Stratsburgh birthday is JULY 20th. The moon landing.

    The MINNESOTA Timeberwolves, (Minnesota, hosting PGA Tour this week), played their last NBA game against, guess who.....yes, The HOUSTON ROCKETS.

    Houston Rockets beat Minnesota scoring 117 points.

    Back to Jack Nicklaus. Jack Nicklaus won 117 Career Golf Tournaments.
    117, Minnesota last game of their season, lost to Houston with 117 points.

    It keeps going.....

  9. Christopher Edward Nolan = 115, (Full Reduction)

    The Director of the Dark Knight, which released on July 20th.

    The 115th World Series, won in Houston, with the MVP, born July 20th.

  10. "Edward" same last middle name as Dan's.

    Additionally, if you go to Minnesota Timberwolves website, their minor league basketball team: Iowa Wolves. Based in Des Moines, Iowa. Iowa, where Dan lives.

    the INDYCAR Series, just raced in IOWA over the weekend, as a double header, With Roger Penske's team winning both races.

    Roger Penske, this year purchased Indianapolis Motor Speedway, hosting the Indianapolis 500, on KOBE BRYANT"S BIRTHDAY. August 23rd.

  11. Roger Penske is born in OHIO. Ohio where the PGA Golf MEMORIAL, tournament was played.

    Memorial...Death...Kobe Bryant....INDY500 on Kobe Bryant's b-day.

  12. Mind blowing connections, both of you, Derek & Dan.

    So it will be the 84th Masters. United States of America = 84 (full reduc). I'd like to think an American will win it.

  13. 84th Masters. Brack Obama born 8/4, Jesuit = 84. Tiger Woods wears black and red on Sunday's, he will be presenting the Masters Green Jacket to the winner on Masters Sunday as they do.

    The Tournament in Minnesota this week that you all speak of, begins the same day as MLB returns. The Minnesota Twins will play at Chicago White Sox to start, spanning over the weekend as golf go through Sunday. Barack Obama a White Sox fan. He had to welcome the Chicago Cubs to the White House as President. Twins vs White Sox. Scottish = 113, Tournament will end 113 days to the masters sunday