Friday, July 24, 2020

Mike Tyson to Fight Roy Jones Jr. in Exhibition Match on 9/12-Vegas Attack-Manchester Arena Attack-2017-Tiger-Jesuit

First off, think how we mentioned Mike Tyson being important to the Tiger symbolism earlier in the year. Now he is going to box again for the first time since 2005? 

This story comes 51 days before the fight against 51 year old Roy Jones Jr. 
Roy Levesta Jones Jr.=233
The 51st prime is 233

It's an exhibition fight, but it's still interesting to note that Mike Tyson currently has 50 wins...something like 51 if wins. 

Roy Jones Jr. even lost his 51st fight to currently 51 year old Antonio Tarver. It's interesting even more so considering it was at the Mandalay Bay Events Center reminding us of 2017 and Las Vegas....Mike Tyson also reminds me of Las Vegas/The Hangover/Tigers/Tupac. 

This is even more crazy when you look at Mike Tyson's 51st fight. Notice it was at the Manchester Arena...the Arena that had a bomber in 2017 at the Ariana Grande Concert....

Keep in mind that Mike Tyson turned 51 years old just after the Manchester Arena bombing in 2017 and was 51 when the Vegas attack happened. 

The Manchester Arena bombing was 132 days before the Vegas Attack...
Catholic Church=132
Notice Mike Tyson's bday is 201 days before Roy Jones Jr.'s too. 
201 the big Jesuit number. 
Jason Aldean=201
The Vegas attack super synced to the Jesuits. 

Manchester Arena=145 and 312(FB)
312 the major Jesuit number in 2017. 

It's also interesting the Vegas Attack was 93 days after Tyson's bday. 
Recall, Ariana Grande and the Manchester Attack were all about 93'...Also remember how Eminem released a new Album in 2020 the same day they released Mac Millers post humous album. Eminems album had a song about the Manchester bombing..
Mac Miller was synced to the date of 9/3 with Colin Kaepernick/Nike/Roseanne.....This is why Nick Cannon dissed Eminem in 2020 as it was related to Charles Manson/Kneeling. 

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