Thursday, July 23, 2020

US Closure of Chinese Consulate in Houston

They closed the Chinese consulate in Houston today? There are other Chinese consulates in the United States, but Houston is the first to go....what have I been saying forever about the connection to China and Houston? 

I'm interested that this happens on 7/22...which is the 204th day of 2020 and leaves 162 days left..
Houston Astros=204
Major League on..

The Astros won the world series in 2017. 


  1. Houston Astros open their season tomorrow at home against SEATTLE

  2. Today Seattle officially announced & introduced their new hockey team. The Seattle Kraken,

    their new logo looks just like the snake the Philadelphia 76ers use as their mid-court logo.
    Chase Briscoe the Nascar driver who recently had the death of their new born, when he won his race, wears this exact cobra on his Helmet.

  3. Interesting to me yesterday on Zach's TFR show a caller spoke about 'Aliens' being the next to entity to come into play and be brought upon us.

    "Kraken" and "Aliens" perfect overlap match in all 4 base ciphers.

    And of course 24 = full reduction. #KOBE