Friday, July 24, 2020

Blue Jays opened 2020 season against the Tampa Bay Rays and the Pirate Theme

I thought the Blue Jays were playing their home games in Pittsburgh? I guess I didn't read the article just the headline, but even so it's no mistake it was connected to the PIRATES and they released that info the same day Orlando Bloom said his dog died..

Notice the Blue Jays are playing their season opener against the Tampa Bay Rays...hahaha like how the Pirate symbolism is connected to SB 55 being in Tampa Bay...The Buccaneers and Oakland in SB 37.

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    There's a fog upon L.A.,
    And my friends have lost their way.
    "We'll be over soon," they said.
    Now they've lost themselves instead

    Please don't be long
    Please don't you be very long
    Please don't be long for I may be asleep

    Well, it only goes to show
    And I told them where to go
    Ask a policeman on the street
    There's so many there to meet