Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Orlando Bloom's Dog died-Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Pirate Theme

I'm at work but I saw this story and have to post before I lose my train of thought.
I've mentioned something important back in June when the media showed us an Orlando Bloom Story next to the NBA being in Orlando......anyway today we find out his dog Mighty died...
Think how I've been talking about the importance to the 2002 NFL season when the Buccaneers beat the Raiders in SB37...
That super bowl was known as the pirate bowl as both team mascots involve pirates.

Orlando Bloom is in Pirates of the Caribbean along with Johnny Depp...think how Johnny Depp has also been in the news recently with Amber Heard.
Pirates of the Caribbean came out in 2003..the same year as SB37..
Notice that 6/28 date too.

Blooms dog named Might reminds of the Mighty Ducks...of Anaheim....Disneyland is where Pirates of the Caribbean premiered..

Johnny Depp=195(fb) and 127
Amber Heard=195 and 127(fb)
Pirates of the Caribbean=127
Pirates=127(fb) and 201(fb)
Skull and Bones=201(fb)

Orlando Blooms girlfriend is Katy Perry who is important to the Tiger symbolism..

Trying to think of other pirate related things...tbe goonies..captain phillips...Hook...
Also today in the news we found out the Toronto Blue Jay's will be playing their home games at PNC Park in Pittsburgh where the Pittsburgh Pirates play
Something I overlooked in 2017 in regards to the Jesuits..
Pittsburgh Pirates=84
Also Interesting in regards to my recent golf posts and Pittsburgh the city of bridges and SB52 in Minneapolis all about Bridge symbolism.


  1. Katy Perry performed in SB 49. I have a feeling his dog may make a comeback. Today is the first day of Leo. Leo represents the Heart. Orlando got a tattoo of a heart with his dogs name Mighty over his heart.

    Rambo will be talking about Sirius tonight on Zachs show barring any technical difficulties and mention tomorrow's date of 23/7. Orlando's dog was a "Labradoodle" = 237 jewish. 2x3x7 = 42

  2. Super Bowl 37.....37 the 157th prime,

    Kobe Bryant = 157, died on 157th day of age.

    The combined score of Super Bowl 37 was 69 points.
    Today is 69 days from Orlando Bloom’s birthday.

    Cancer ♋️

    1. the Super Bowl was played on January 26th.

      Kobe Bryant’s died in January 26th.

  3. Orlando Blooms birthday is 11/3.

    Election on 11/3

    Kobe Bryant = 113.

    MVP of Super Bowl 37, Dexter LaMar Jackson.

    LaMar Jackson?

    Purple / Ravens / Bird / Trump...