Monday, July 6, 2020

Kanye West running for president-Prince Andrew/Jeffrey Epstein-Charlie Daniels dead the same Day GEORGIA Declares state of emergency-Charles Manson/Helter Skelter

Have to love that Kanye announces he is running for president on July 4th...and that my phone has an article about Goldberg on the Mighty Ducks just below it too. 

This story is a span of 123 days before the election.
Kanye West=123
7/4 or 4/7..
White House=47
Kanye West=244(FB)...7/4/2020 was the 244th Year of the US. 
Recall, Kanye was important to the story of Freddie Gray which was all about the Civil War....he was also important to France and the Paris Attacks in 2015....

Kanye is also important to the Royal Family narrative I've followed for years. This is why on July 5th there was story about Prince Andrew.....Kevin SPACEY....the 51st anniversary of the Moon Landing...Elon Musk supports Kanye....
Remember the Kevin Spacey narrative began in 2017..the big year with the Jesuits. 

Mark CUBAN...Space...Cold War? 

Donald Trump=159
Kanye born on the 159th day. 
Mark Cuban=159

I'm just realizing something about Jeffrey Epstein too...Remember his death was the big deal on 8/10...Tisha B'Av last year along with the Hong Kong Riots on 8/11....

Epstein died 202 days after his bday...
End of the World=202
Red Heifer=202
Remember how I'm exactly 8 months 11 days older than Zach who was born on the 202nd day...
Dan Behrendt=202
A lot more, but 202 was a big number in connection to the Tisha B'Av funny he died 202 days after his bday...
Jeffrey Edward Epstein=218
Conspiracy Theory=218

Epstein was also born on 20/1.....201...

Kanye West was also born in Atlanta. 

I was looking at my phone when I was almost off work today and I saw Charlie Daniel's died. I then told my boss that I bet we get a major news story about Georgia in the next week, because of Daniel's song..."The Devil Went Down to Georgia".....I had also saw that the mayor of Atlanta had Coronavirus.....A few hours later, I went to CNN and the major story was "Georgia Declares State of Emergency"....I mean it's just so obvious...

Go figure Charlie Daniels...the Southern musician who supports the Confederate Flag would die too. 
Lynyrd Skynyrd better be careful. 

Charlie Daniels dies 8 months 9 days after his 83rd bday...
Notice Brian Kemp is the 83rd governor of Georgia..
Brian Kemp=89 and 44
This reminds me that in the Mark Twain story, "The Mysterious Stranger", Satan is represented by the number 44 too. 

Don't forget that Atlanta was in the Super Bowl after Kaepernick originally took a Knee....the Falcons motto was "RISE UP"....the old logo is a Blackbird...Charles Manson said Blackbird was telling black people to rise up....the Beach Boys 20/20 album with Manson's song on it...
Charles Manson died age 83. 
Charles Manson=83(e)
He died 3 months 16 days after 8/3..
Charles Milles Maddox=316
The flag was first used in Battle on 8/3. 
Manson knew Beach Boy Dennis Wilson who died in 83'. 
Charlie Daniels...Charles/Charlie Manson...
The Tate Murders were on 8/9. 

7/6...Tiger theme....Slave/Negro....Zion Williamson/George Bush/Jesuits..187th day...

It's interesting that..."Roman Polanski"=76 as well. 
Polanski was supposed to be used in the Family Guy episode about Kevin Spacey..
Helter Skelter=76
Helter Skelter released exactly 5 years after JFK was assassinated...JFK...Marilyn Monroe...Marilyn Manson....Trump released the JFK files on Hillary Clinton's bday...Jeffrey Epstein/Clintons...

I'm trying to piece this all together, as I know that 2017 narrative is all related to right now. 

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