Friday, July 3, 2020

The Order on Netflix and the Holy Cross symbol I documented about last night

I have a band gig in a few hours, so I've been out in the garage getting my stuff ready to go. I ordered some food and sat on the couch to eat, and figured I would turn on this Netflix series I have been watching....
A few minutes in from where I left off, the main character is standing next to the same cross symbol I documented about last night lol. Like Seriously it never ends. 
I can't figure out what this means and it's driving me crazy....
The Order=145(FB) and 244(FB) and 42
Catholic=145....244th year of the United States and Illuminati....
I'm only mentioning this because things have been connected to the Jesuits....Jesuit ORDER....

The main character is Jack Morton..
Jack Morton=120
He's played by Jake Manley who was born on 8/23..reminds me of Kobe Bryant's bday..
Jake Manley=56
Society of Jesus=56

The whole first season is about taking down Jack Morton's father named Edward Coventry...He is basically the leader/bad guy of The Order and Jack's estranged father. 

Edward Conventry=191
Society of Jesus=191

Holy Cross the college was founded 177 years ago and located on 42 N and 71W. 
The Jesuit Order=177

I originally mentioned this show on 6/24, when I had synchronicity with Family Guy's 312th episode...Remember 6/24 is the day modern Freemasonry was founded..
Jesuit=624(Eng Ext)

I also find it interesting that today is 7/3...and the show originally came out on 3/7 in the year 2019...
3/7 to 7/3 is 3 months 26 days...
Recall, in 2017 the 326 or 3/26 was important to the Angel Gabriel....this is why 6/24 is important as well...because John the Baptist was born on 6/24.....Gabriel tells of Jesus and John the Baptists births to Mary and Zechariah...then also tells Daniel about his visions....
Think about the Umbrella symbolism that is connected to this as well...
Remember Mary Tofflemire's brother was the center for the Seattle Seahawks who died on the Jesuit anniversary...
Joe Tofflemire=191(FB)
He was number 56 for the Seahawks and died age 46..
Society of Jesus=56
He also died 2 months 20 days after his bday....220 another number that is important to the Jesuits...made official by the 220th Pope...Francis born 2 months 20 days after the Jesuit on..

Think about this with the Holy Cross syncs.....

Once again, I don't have any more time to research this, but I will be thinking about it on my way to Omaha. 


  1. From 7/4/2020 to my last Birthday on 8/25/2019 is 314 days (Pi). Tomorrows Date Numerology is 51, 15.
    Moon=51, 15 (51. Moon landing anniversary this year). This year my Birthday is on the 238 Day of the year....Distance Earth-Moon 238 thousand Miles. Lunar=244 (reverse Satanic). From New Moon to new Moon is 29.5 days...Twenty nine point five days = 314 (English Ordinal).
    "Jesus" = 74 (English Ordinal), "Jesus Christ" = 74 (Reverse Full Reduction),
    "Cross" = 74 (English Ordinal), "Messiah" = 74 (English Ordinal),
    "Catholic" = 314 (English Extended).
    My next Birthday is a span of 1 month 22 days...."Six Hundred Sixty Six" = 122 (Single Reduction), "Six Hundred Sixty Six" = 2038 (Jewish)
    "Pope Francis" = 122 (English Ordinal), "Weishaupt" = 122 (English Ordinal)

  2. My Brothers Company Logo has Three Nails on it....Jesus was nailed to the Cross with three Nails.
    "Three Nails" = 111 (English Ordinal)....Number 111 looks like three Nails :)
    He is born in 77...."Christ" = 77 (English Ordinal), 111 (Reverse Francis Bacon)

    1. Florian did you just happen to post you're last post at 3:14 pm or was it intentional?

  3. OMG...I didn`t noticed it Wendy I live in Switzerland and it is already in the evening.

  4. Dan check out the move “The Hunt” (2020).

    1. 100 percent. Teaching humans how to hunt humans. They refer to the killers as the "ELITE".

  5. I was surprised how fast they killed off Emma Roberts in The Hunt. 1st scene she gets a head shot

  6. Matthew Wolff leads the PGA in Detroit.

    He won the 4th of July golf tournament last year as well. I wonder if there's a riddle with "WOLF and 4th of July. Wolf / Moon / Independence Day / Ends on SUN-day.

    1. 15 days from July 20th, the moon landing. 15 the 47th prime, 4th of July.

  7. Bryson DeChambeau won the PGA Tour in Detroit 74 days from his birthday on July 4th weekend @Austin