Monday, July 27, 2020

A Nightmare on Elm Street actor John Saxon dies same day as Fleetwood Mac's Peter Green-Kanye/Taylor Swift 2015 info-Pirates Johnny Depp

A guy from "A Nightmare on Elm Street" dies now? Johnny Depp's first film...the Pirate stuff.....also remember how the Kanye West/Taylor Swift narrative is synced to Freddy Krueger....I mentioned all of this in 2015 and then Wes Craven died the same day as the 2015 VMA's where Kanye said he was running for president. 
It was also where Swift said Kanye was studying "The Craft" makes me think less about Freemasonry and more of a Witchcraft now in regards to my last post involving magic. 
Freddy Krueger is played by Robert ENGLUND..Queen/Royal family..
It was important to Freddie Gray...Freddie Mercury..Drop Dead Fred..

Saxon died the same day as Peter Green from Fleetwood Mac dies too. 

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  1. My wife put on "The Craft" yesterday. I'd never seen it before. Made me think of Blood Over Intent. They were real heavy on the pentagram.