Monday, July 27, 2020

Regis Philbin dead at 88-Philadelphia Eagles player Chuck Bednarik and his hit on Frank Gifford

I'm sure there is a lot more to this but I just want to note quickly that Regis Philbin is famous for his time with Kathie Lee Gifford. In light of how much I've talked about Super Bowl 52 and that was won by the Eagles it's interesting Regis would now died. 
Remember Frank Gifford was knocked out by Eagle Chuck Bednarik...they then both died in 2015...Bednarik age 89 and Gifford on 8/9. 
That was in the 1960 season in which the Eagles went on to win the Championship game..
Interesting year considering the Pirates won the World series in 1960 too. 
Regis went to Catholic Notre Dame and his middle names are "Francis Xavier"....of course Francis Xavier was a founder of the Jesuits...and some believe Pope Francis actually took his name in honor of Francis Xavier. 
Francis Xavier=201(FB)

Regis Philbin=70
Regis Francis Xavier Philbin=142, 155
Coronavirus=70, 142, 155

Regis died 70 days before Kelly Ripa's birthday. 
Kelly Maria Ripa=70
Chuck Bednarik died 142 days(end date) before Frank Gifford. 
Without the End date it's 141 days..
Kathie Lee Gifford=141
Giants=70(who Gifford played for)
Frank Gifford=261(FB)

Ryan John Seacrest=195

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