Wednesday, July 22, 2020

San Francisco Giants and Keynan Middleton Kneel during MLB games on 7/20

San Francisco Giants became the first people to take a knee in the MLB since Bruce Maxwell did on 9/23/2017 in Oakland. Now the Giants do it in Oakland...
9/23/2017 was the day Trump called out the NFL for kneeling. 
Colin Kaepernick originally knelt with the San Francisco 49ers. 
Oakland Athletics=155, 56
Coronavirus=155, 56
Oakland is where the Black Panthers were founded...

The other person to kneel on 7/20 was Keynan Middleton of the Angels. 
Keynan Middleton=239
Like the date of 23/9 or September 23rd when Trump called out the Kneeling..
Kaepernick knelt on the 239th day of 2016. 

You have to appreciate that his twitter is "since93key"..
Colin Rand Kaepernick=93
I've mentioned how this number was synced to George Floyd and Colin Kaepernick. 
Bruce Maxwell kneeled 88 days before his bday too. 

Keynan is 26 years old...and born on 9/12 which is the day the Battle of Baltimore began....Francis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner at the Battle of Baltimore when he was 35 years old. 
Baltimore...Catholic Colony. 
2017 and 2020 is important to the Jesuits. 

Keynan born in 93'. 

Francis Scott KEY....KEYnan. 

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