Monday, July 13, 2020

Nelson Mandela's daughter Zindzi dies-My Mandela Effect Synchronicity-Synchronicity with Denmark-Kentucky Derby-Umbrella-8/10, 8/11

I've been mentioning how horse racing is synced up to Nelson Mandela and the Mandela Nelson Mandela's daughter dies...
On the 195th day of the year. 
Recall, I documented about synchroncity and the Mandela Effect on 4/30, which was exactly the same day it happened in 2019...
Notice that synchronicity was 2 months 13 days ago. 
Zindzi Mandela=213

India was important to the sync. 

She dies a span of 222 days after the anniversary of Nelson dying. 
Nelson Mandela=222

She also died a span of 1 month 24 days before the Kentucky Derby. 
Tiz the Law=124
Manny Franco=124

Another reason I know this is important is that she died a span of 164 days before her bday. 
Kentucky Derby=164

It's also interesting that she was the ambassador to Denmark. Last year a major piece to everything coming together in connection to 8/10 and 8/11 involved Denmark...The Troll Theme...then Donald Trump wanted to buy Greenland from Denmark...

Look at some of this things I documented about in August 2019 too haha. A story about Denmark and an UMBRELLA Man story?....I also mentioned Denmarks AUTONOMOUS ZONE known as think about that in regards to recent events....Also the Hong Kong Riots were probably the biggest thing to happen on 8/11, and of course a major symbol in that was UMBRELLA's too. 

I've been having a ton of synchronicity with Umbrella's lately too....I also heard Zach say on the Gematria Effect last week something about the Freemasons being under the Umbrella of the Catholic Church.....Of course All4Truth had the Umbrella logo....Montagraph/The Umbrella Man....last year Zach started getting his livestream hacked a few days after my Mary Poppins/Umbrella synchronicity...

Anyway on 7/9 I took Zamien outside so he could play and there was literally an Umbrella sitting on the steps. It was the first thing he saw and started playing with it. I didn't even know we owned an Umbrella, but apparently it's my girlfriends brother Kodee's. Even funnier is later that night I was at the bar and my co-worker snapchatted me a picture that said, "The Mighty Ducks"....I have no idea why and I never really talk about any of this to her..let alone the syncs with the Mighty Ducks. 

Even crazier is that I just got on my phone to see the date when my kids were playing with the Umbrella....I opened my phone that had Facebook loaded already, and of course the only friend on the screen is my friend from Esben who is from Denmark. 

This number was important to Zach's channel being deleted and so on..
Christiania is also important to Norway..and 8/10 also had the Norway mosque. 

The Umbrella Man=145, 80
Copenhagen, Denmark=80

Greenland is also autonomous, and most of it's residents are Inuit....I'm only mentioning this, because I was trying to do my taxes earlier and on Turbotax the login thing is called, "Intuit"...when I seen this I was thinking of Inuit. 

Of course I have to go pick someone up, but I'll be thinking about this on the way. 

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