Saturday, July 18, 2020

Mars Symbolism-Mars Attacks-Total Recall-Twins

When I documented about Kanye West running for president I mentioned how it was important to Jim Brown. I also pointed out that Jim Brown was in the film Mars Attacks and he is in Las Vegas. 
Notice that Danny Devito(Twins) is also in Mars Attacks..

The other night when I went to Netflix the other movie that stood out to me besides Kangaroo Jack was "Total Recall". It was on my main page in multiple sections and I remembe thinking it might be important....I'm just now thinking that it might be important because of Mars Attacks....think about it...Arnold Schwarzanegger and Danny Devito in TWINS...Total Recall goes to Mars...
Mars=51 and 201
Moon=51 and important to 201.
Mars the God of War..
I remember Bobby had a video about me going to Mars at some point too, but I can't find it anymore..
Interesting that there are 3 missions launching to Mars this month too...

I was also thinking about Mars and the connection to Earth...possibly they are like Twins? I researched this I found that Venus is actually considered Earth's Twin...I wonder if Rambo or Bobby have covered this...
Astrology=42, 132
Venus and Mars are the Female and Male symbols...
It's interesting that Earth is in between them in terms of what we are told about the solar system too. 

I'm just thinking about the symbolism of this in things such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They put the Male and Female signs with the All Seeing Eye/Pyramid and the Infinity symbol. 

Gonna try and watch Mars Attacks again and go to bed.


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  2. Just off the top when Kobe died Mars and Venus were in perfect square 90° apart. I'll check and see when their next square/conjunction/opposition is. Rambo has talked about planet detriments. Aries and Scorpio are ruled by Mars so Venus is in detriment in those signs and vice versa for the signs that Venus rules: Libra and Taurus. I need to check out George Floyd's death and see how his Venus was aspected. He was a Libra.

  3. Next square is September 4th that I know of. May be one before then.

  4. Interesting thing about 9/4 is it's the 248th day. Kobe wore 24 and 8. But also Pluto has a orbital period of 248 years and was demoted as a planet the same year he switched to 24. Rambo mentions how Jupiter's glyph looks like a 24 that he was marked by Jupiter in this way. I'll post more later but yea Mars and Venus made me think of Kobe's death.

  5. I think I did a video about you and Mars way back. Titles it "Dan Behrendt is going to Mars"