Thursday, July 23, 2020

Opening Scene on Pirates of the Caribbean involves an Umbrella

I just layed down and figured I would turn on Pirates of the Caribbean. I was going to watch the film from 2017, but Disney Plus doesn't have it until tomorrow...Anyway, I turn on the first film and look what happens in the UMBRELLA floats up before she finds Orlando Blooms character floating in the water, and then a ship destroyed by Pirates. 


  1. Tom Hanks did the movie where Pirates take over his ship. Believe they're from Somalia

  2. It's strange that you mention this because the word "pirate" and things that have to do with it have been all over the place for me recently, especially in regards to "pirate radio". Random Youtube videos in my suggestions, people talking about it, articles like I ran some numbers with Derek's calculator:

    "Pirate Radio" = 62 (FR)
    "Orlando Bloom" = 62 (RFR)
    "Johnny Depp" = 55 (FR)
    "Orlando Bloom" = 55 (FR)
    "Kiera Knightley" = 155 (EO)
    "Caribbean" = 55 (EO)

    then it gets even weirder:

    "Captain Jack Sparrow" = 73 (FR)
    "Pirate Radio" = 73 (RFR)

    and in light of depp and heard being in the news lately:

    "The Black Pearl" = 75 (RFR)
    "Amber Heard" = 75 (EO)

    It's interesting to me that the plot of the first movie is Depp trying to reclaim The Black Pearl...

    Then I discovered that "Mighty", "Caribbean", and "Captain Jack Sparrow" all have 37/73 under Full Reduction, as well as "Pirate Radio" having a 73 under Reverse Full Reduction.

    Obviously there are a lot of connections here, i'd be interested to see your thoughts and why this is in the news cycle right now. I know that Pirate Radio usually has revolutionary connotations. I'll have to look into the movie called "Pirate Radio" as well

  3. Tony Finau is the 1st round leader.

    Only Black golfer in the field.

    Finau is from Utah. Think of Utah Jazz, Rudy Gobert 1st player to test positive for Coronoa Virus, Utah Jazz, Kobe Bryant's last game.

    Here we are in Minnesota, with the 1 black golfer, born in Utah, leading the tournament.