Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Patrick Mahomes father played for the Minnesota Twins-Field of Dreams Game 2020

Yesterday the big sports news was that Patrick Mahomes signed a huge contract with the Kansas City Chiefs. 
It was 5 months 4 days after Super Bowl 54. 
He signed on 7/6. 

We have been documenting about the TWIN symbolism again this year. 
Recall, Patrick Mahomes father played in the MLB and spent the majority of his career with the Minnesota Twins. 
Notice he finished his career on the Jesuit anniversary with the Pittsburgh Pirates too. 
The MLB is going to play 60 games and end on the Jesuit anniversary this year...reminding me of my 2017 Twin stuff. 
Minnesota Twins=60
The just won the 50th modern era super bowl and for their first SB in 50 years. 
Notice Pat Mahomes will turn 50 years old on 8/9/2020 too. 

I want to note that the Kansas City Royals won the World Series the same year Jesuit Pope Francis visited the United States too. 
They won the 111th world series 35 days after the Jesuit anniversary on 11/1. 
Jorge Mario Bergoglio=111
Catholic=35, 46
11/1 is 46 days before Pope Francis' bday. 
Remember the power went out at 9:19 and came back on at 9:23 and more. 
A guy dressed as Pope Francis and caught a homerun ball at the Royals game on 6/6/2015 too. 

Pat Mahomes=111
Twins=111(FB) and 76(FB) also 22...
Super Bowl 54 was held on 2/2/2020....all about the number 2. 

The whole AL Central seems important...
Tigers..(Tiger theme)...first draft pick in 2020.
White Sox(Field of Dreams game) 

The Field of Dreams game is now against the Cardinals instead of the Jesuit connected Yankees....
I should also point out that the White Sox last won the World Series in 2005, which is when Pope Benedict became the Pope....and the Cardinals lost in the World Series in 2013 when Francis became Pope..
Chicago=35 and 46

The Jesuit stuff is important to 2017...which is the year my Uncle Barney died in connection to the Catholic Church as well....he was important to the year 2005 as well when he went to a Cubs game..
The reason I bring this up even more so is that the MLB Season this year begins on what would have been Barney's birthday. 

I'm gonna pay attention to the Field of Dreams game for sure this year. Plus this film is important to the Mandela Effect too. 

There goes Wikipedia changing shit again too. The film Field of Dreams has always been listed at coming out on Queen Elizabeth's bday of 4/21/ it says 5/5/1989. 
They changed it on 5/5/2020 to 5/5/1989...

This film is also interesting, because they go to Chisholm, Minnesota to pick up Moonlight Graham...Chisholm is in Saint Louis County Minnesota. 
Arrowhead region of Minnesota?...Chiefs play in Arrowhead..
Notice the town incorporated on 7/23 too...the day the 2020 MLB season begins. 

Kevin Costner=56

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