Monday, July 27, 2020

Fleetwood Mac co-founder Peter Green dies a day after Taylor Swift releases new Album-Kanyes Tweets/President announcement-Kobe Bryant-Royal Theme-King Arthur-Wizards-Magic

I knew there would be something important to Fleetwood Mac considering Kanye announced he was running for president....and then went crazy on Twitter about his wife and her mom...Now we get the death of Peter Green from the band Fleetwood Mac. 
I also mentioned Fleetwood Mac the day after Kobe Bryant too. I got a comment on my old video about Fleetwood Mac...the reason I'm bringing this up...
Peter Green=157
Kobe Bryant=157
Interesting it was on 1/27 too...
Remember Fleetwood Mac guitarist Danny Kirwan died on 6/8/2018(Kanye's birthday)...then 127 days later we had a story about Lindsey Buckingham suing Fleetwood Mac. 
Lindsey Adams Buckingham=127
Buckingham Palace=127
It was synced up to the Virginia Blackface stuff..
He also died 3 months 4 days before his birthday. Recall the major number I pointed out with Kobe Bryant was the number 34. 
He died on 25/7..
Los Angeles Lakers=257
He also died a span of 271 days after his birthday. 
The 58th prime number is 271. 
Fleetwood Mac=58
Kobe Bryant=58
Los Angeles Lakers=58

Recall that Kobe was important to the Royal symbolism/Crown/Corona/King James.....the major thing I've talked about with Fleetwood Mac was in connection to the Royal Family/King Arthur and so on. 
I have to think about this because the narrative was also important to We are the Champions/Queen that I've had a lot of syncs with in regards to the Mandela Effect in the past few months...I don't quite see how they are related, but I'm sure they are. 
Rihanna has also been in the media in the last few days for saying her Fenty Skin product is for Men as well as Women...Rihanna...Rhiannon..The Lady of the Lake...King Arthur...
Taylor Swift is also important to the this narrative in connection to Kanye...She just released a new album called, "Folklore" on 7/24...
The media is running a story today that Taylor Swift sent Kobe's daughter a cardigan for the release of the album too. 
Kobe Bryant=41
Think about FOLKLORE in regards to the story of King Arthur.....even more interesting is that I'm getting close to finishing this book I have been working on forever....I basically have a bunch of extra notes that I want to try and include ....anyway the last thing I added from my notes was about magic wands/Hollywood....and how Merlin and Harry Potter have wands made out of holly wood. 
Merlin....King Arthur... 
I find what I wrote about lesser magic even more interesting considering Taylor Swift used all lowercase on this new album....folkore...and the song names are in lowercase..
Lesser Magic is also known as Low Magic. (Greater/Lesser..High/Low) 
Remember on Taylor Swift's "Me" song with the Umbrella's she says, "SPELLING is fun kids". 
Apparently Taylor Swift also did the lowercase thing on her 6th album "reputation" too. 
This means she has done it on her 6th and 8th albums....which reminds me of Kanye's birthday on 6/8. 
 Danny Kirwan died on 6/8 age 68. 
Prince Charles=68
Donald John Trump=68

It's also interesting how much I have been paying attention to Francis Bacon/Franc Baconis in regards to lowercase being important. 

Not sure how it's related, but it's also interesting to note I got a notification on my phone today of a story about Prince Harry/Meghan Markle staying in a tent that cost 1,500. 

London England=58
Fleetwood Mac=58
Taylor Swift released folklore 224 days after her birthday...this number is also important to Kobe Bryant. 
Kobe Bryant=224(FB)

Kobe Bryant=312(FB)....Catholic/Jesuits..
Taylor Swift's birthday is also 1 month 13 days before Kobe died...
Kobe Bryant=113
Seeing all of this made me think about my daughters favorite cartoon "Trollhunters"....the 3rd section of the Trilogy is called, "Wizards" and it was supposed to release in 2019...I see it now says 8/7/2020....
Anyway, notice how the story involves King Arthur and Merlin too. I'm actually excited to watch this with her too haha. 

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  1. I wonder if this ties to Tommy FLEETWOOD, who just made his first PGA Tour start this weekend.

    Tommy Fleetwood, from England, born January 19th. 119. All seeing Eye = 119