Friday, July 3, 2020

Synchronicity with a Cross symbol spray painted on the ground

Jasmine dropped me off at my parents house earlier tonight, so I could pick up my SUV. When she was leaving she pointed out there was an arrow drawn on in my parent' driveway and it was pointing at their house. I went over and looked and it was an arrow, and then there were two other markings that looked similar to cross symbol I have seen before. I then drove down the alley and there were other orange lines drawn, but I didn't see any other arrows or cross looking symbols. I just thought it was odd....I text my mom and she said they are putting in fiber optic lines. 

Anyway, I finally had time to get on the computer and I went to Facebook to see this The Holy Cross symbol that I was thinking resembled the picture above. 
They aren't quite the same, but still...the odds this would come up on Facebook, when it was the symbol I was thinking about...
Stewart Smith=201(FB)

This happens 227 days after his bday...
Stewart Smith=227(FB)

Pope Francis=227(FB)
Jorge Mario Bergoglio=201

I wonder if there is something important to the school of Holy Cross too? 
I keep falling asleep, but hopefully think about this more tomorrow. 

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  1. Looks similar to the Celtic Cross. Do you have any Irish ancestry?