Monday, July 20, 2020

Jack Nicklaus reveals he had coronavirus-84th Masters Tournament-Rambo-Masters begins on Charles Manson's bday-Tiger

I love how I just had the synchronicity with Arnold Palmer/Golf and a bunch of people have been commenting about Jack Nicklaus reveals his had coronavirus on the 201st day of the's comical. 
Notice the picture of The MASTERS in the background too. This year is the 84th Masters...
It will be held 8 months 4 days after golf was suspended. 
Arnold Palmer=84
Jack Nicklaus also has the TEA like Arnold Palmer...
Golden Bear=187 and 83
Society of Jesus=187
Jack Nicklaus=83

I wonder if it's something to do with the Boston Tea Party? 
Boston Tea Party=187, and 191
He tested positive on 3/13...which is the day coronavirus was declared a national emergency...
This also means it was a span of 8 months 3 days before the 84th Masters ends. 
Memorial Tournament=83

You have to appreciate his birthday of 1/21 too....the day that coronavirus was first reported in Seattle...
Seattle, Washington=68
Jack William Nicklaus=68
Notice today is 68 days before the anniversary of Arnold Palmer dying too. 
Covid Nineteen=68

The Masters will end a span of 68 days  before Jack Nicklaus' bday. 

Jack Nicklaus=261(FB)
The Twins number...
Charles Manson=261(FB)
Colin Rand Kaepernick=261(FB)
Russell Westbrook III=261

The Masters begins on 11/12....Mansons and Westbrook's bdays. 

Interesting the guy who won the Memorial Tournament this week shares a bday with me...I am 12 years old than him.
Also interesting he is from Spain...only because last night I was looking at Morroco due to Nick Cannon's kid being named Morrocan...I noticed that Morroco is very close to Spain even though it's in Africa...I guess I just didn't realize how close Africa was to Europe so it stood out to me. 

I feel like I need to pay attention to Rambo after seeing this..Jon Rahm...Jon Rambo...I see his nickname is even Rahmbo..
Rambo did a bunch of work on the UMBRELLA Symbolism too. 
Of course Rambo is also Sylvester Stallone...important to the Tiger symbolism...Tiger Woods...
Tiger Woods=187(FB)

Interesting the character Rambo also has the 7/6 bday like Rocky and Sylvester Stallone....only difference is that Rocky was born in 45'...Stallone in 46'...Rambo in 47'. 


  1. Great thoughts.

    This was Tiger Woods first tournament back since the pandemic begin. They made a big deal how he came back for the Memorial Jack Nicklaus course.
    Tony Finau, was in the lead the entire tournament, he was the golfer famous for spraining his ankle in the masters while playing. He is the one of three African Americans on tour. Finau went on to throw the final round in Rahms win.

    Finau is from Utah. Kobe Bryant / Utah Jazz, first player from corona was Utah Jazz player Rudy Gobert. Tournament called “the memorial” like death. Played in OHIo where LeBron James was born.

    This week the pga tour goes to Minnesota. Minnesota Lakers George Floyd , this should be interesting

  2. Dan here is your gold, The runner up, Ryan PALMER. Like Arnold PALMER

  3. Charles Mason....

    39-43 parallel
    Divided the North from the South.