Wednesday, July 22, 2020

My Daughter's Teacher was an extra in Children of the Corn? Twins

Last night I had to stop at my parents to get a tax form I got in the mail. For some reason the IRS still has my parents address as my address even though I haven't lived there for years. Anyway, as I was sitting there talking to them, they were talking about the casino. I told them how we recently went to Sloan instead of Onawa and I had just found out the movie Children of the Corn was filmed in Whiting. My dad knew that, but my mom said she didn't know....anyway after I said this, my daughter Claire said, "Children of the Corn?", my teacher was in that movie. She said they were talking about scary movies at school one day and her teacher said she was an extra in Children of the Corn. It makes sense too as she is from the area near Whiting and I assume around 45 years old...It might not be true, but regardless my daughter swears her teacher told her this, so it's important. I'm guessing this is the reason why my co-worker was talking about the film "Children of the Corn" being filmed in Whiting too, because I work with Claire's teachers son named Zach. The best part is that Zach is a TWIN. 
Her Facebook shows she is a Yankees fan...
Twins/Yankees from 2017...

I should point out too...
Stephen Edwin King=261(FB) and 84 and 183
Minnesota Twins=84, 182

Stephen King=56

The Stand(Virus)

Stephen King is also important to Maine. I'm only bringing this up, because a few weeks back someone commented on my old music video called, "This song is the Bangor, Maine". 

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