Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Korn covers "The Devil Went down to Georgia" My synchronicity with Corn-Iowa-China-PIRATE theme

I saw this story at work today...the band KORN released a cover of "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" know just after Charlie Daniels dies. Also the lead singer of Korn has the nickname "J Devil". 
What's even more strange is that on Saturday I had to DJ at the bar in town. The brother of one of my best friends in high school was there, and I haven't seen him in years. 
His name is Tanner CORN. 
I thought this was interesting considering I have recently mentioned the importance of Children of the Corn...and I even randomly mentioned the gematria of the band KORN, because I thought it was important. The reason I thought it was important is because in high school and some years after Korn was my favorite band. 
Korn=50, 58
Corn=50, 58
Tanner Corn=50, 58
Dan Behrendt=50, 58
Remember how Charlie Daniels was synced to my life too..also Charles Manson...

What else is interesting is that he now lives in the Des Moines area, and I remember seeing Korn there at some point. I saw them one other time in Kansas City, but the Des Moines concert was terrible. It was louder than shit, and I was just losing interest around the same time I guess. 

The other reason I find Des Moines interesting is while looking at the above article, an ad popped up and said, "Clive Davis". I didn't get a screenshot of it in time, but I am positive it said, "Clive Davis"....
Clive is a suburb of Des think about all that I have covered with Slipknot, especially last year and the Iowa State Fair....but that was all synced to Kanye West/Taylor Swift/Grey too. 
Remember Iowa is important to China, and the Iowa State Fair/Tisha B'Av narrative was important to China last year. 
Iowa was important to the Pig year....but Iowa is also important to CORN. 

Even funnier is that my dad brought over sweet corn yesterday while I was at work. I had to go pick Claire up in Council Bluffs tonight, but when I got home, Jasmine's mom made Sweet Corn and Hamburgers for supper. 

It's just so funny to me that I am having synchronicity with a vegetable lol. 

Clive Davis hired Tony ORLANDO...

I'm almost positive this has to be connected to either Jeopardy or the South Park episode with Korn....remember it's called, "Korn's Groovy PIRATE Mystery". 
I mentioned both of these with Korn back in 2018 in regards to a Ghost theme....this is interesting because last night I swear I kept seeing someone standing in the hall, but then I would look and no one was there. Then later when I layed in bed I heard a popping noise in the room I was in...I looked up and didn't see anything...then I layed back down and I heard it again...I said leave me alone outloud and then it didn't happen again.....anyway as I'm writing up this blog post I'm sitting in my chair and I swear I saw a figure out of the corner of my eye..and then I heard that same popping coworker also sent me a snapchat earlier of her dog barking at the wall, because she says her house is haunted....

I'm sitting here looking at the South Park episode with Korn and see that it's Season 3 episode 10...the number important to last year like crazy...I then stop and look at the tv randomly and this is what I episode of Peppa Pig with a kid dressed as a PIRATE...the dialogue was focused on the COP though. 
Peppa PIG...important to 310....
I figured I would search my blog to see if I talked about Pirates before...I mentioned Anders Breivik/Knights Templar in 2019 and also Pirates and the JJ Ugland...

I also mentioned a bunch about the Pirates and Reds in 2019...Bobby even pointed out that 9/19 is International Talk Like a Pirate Day....this is very interesting as I have followed this date every year since has a huge importance to Queen Elizabeth.....

I just think I figured out what the importance is's the letter "R"....if you look at my old Korn posts I mentioned how they use the backwards "R" it's an "81" also Marilyn Manson's song "TIR" with the backwards "R"....I can't tell you how many times I used to tell the Joke..."Have you seen the new pirate movie coming's rated "ARRR". 
But what does the letter "R" really mean? 

I also do not see how Charlie Daniels fits into a Pirate narrative yet...possibly it's just the name "Charlie" which fits in with Prince Charles/9/19...


  1. Lol, I used to tell the same joke all the time

  2. The shadowy figures in the corner of your eye and popping sounds remind me of sleep paralysis. It used to happen me in high school all the time. But you're experiencing these things while fully awake.

  3. Big thing on facebook recently has been "Trump's doctor" saying people dont need to be sleeping with demons. That would be a succubus or incubus. Wondering if we wont be hearing about a band member from incubus. Scientifically the phenomenon of succubi and incubi is said to have to do with "Sleep Paralysis" = 201 rev ordinal 1311 ext. "Bobby Allen Simpson" = 1311 ext. So yea I've always had to be between sleep and Wake for these experiences. The most recent one was a voice telling me to look at 1957 and Caroline Kennedy. Other than that I would just hear my name whispered in my ear.

  4. I don't know if this is relevant but Saturday was a strange day for me. That evening I took the kids up the mountain in hopes of catching a glimpse of the neowise comet. On the way back down the mountain the power cut off and we were stranded on the side of the road on this vacant stretch of mountain highway. Reminded me of the X-Files when they lose time. I mean the battery was four year old but for it to happen like that was just bizarre.