Saturday, July 18, 2020

Dwight Howard warned about not wearing a Mask-James Harden wears Thin Blue Line mask-Synchronicity with Family Guy/Charles Manson/Children of the Corn-Magic

So first a Rockets player and # 22 of the Kings get in trouble for breaking the quarantine Dwight Howard gets snitched on for not wearing a mask? Remember the Kings/Rockets narrative is synced to Kobe Achilles along with Dwight Howard. 
It's like I'm writing these sports stories sometimes. 

We also have James Harden wearing the mask that supposedly supports the Police. 
Thin Blue Line=59 and 193
Houston Rockets=59
James Harden=44
The 44th prime is 193.
This comes after Westbrook gets coronavirus 44 days before Harden's 31st bday. 
Westbrook is currently 31. 

Thin Blue Line mask=175, 95
Blue Lives Matter=58 and 95
Los Angeles Lakers=95, 175
Houston Rockets=175

I do want to point out too that Lakers coach Frank Vogel previously coached the Orlando Magic...remember his hiring was important to Magic Johnson too. 
Dwight Howard made the NBA Finals with the Orlando Magic and lost to the Lakers. It was Kobe's first championship without Shaq who came to the Lakers from Orlando. 
But....the Houston Rockets won their last NBA championship over Shaq's Orlando Magic team. 
These 2 teams have been interrelated forever and even share the same gematria. 
They were supposed to play each other in the next game before coronavirus suspended the season too. 
Rockets last game before suspension was against the Minnesota Timberwolves....syncing to George Floyd...but the Lakers are originally from Minneapolis. 

Walt Disney World=201, 84
Walter Elias Disney=201
I can't help but think how the Umbrella symbolism is important to Mary Poppins, which is a Disney movie. 

Disney + launched on Russell Westbrooks 31st bday in 2019. 

As I'm writing up this blog post, I stopped and figured I would leave a comment on Zach's blog. 

This is what I wrote on his blog....

when I clicked submit I got up, because I had to pee. As I stood up I looked at the TV and Peter Griffin on Family Guy said something about that Charles Manson Guy and they flashed to scene with Charles Manson haha. It just never fails with these synchronicities. 
I Never Met the Dead Man=186

The title is also interesting as earlier I wrote in the book about the number 186 in regards to the Umbrella Man/Zach's Channel being deleted and his porn hack...

I don't know what's going on with these Family Guy episodes...Jasmine is laying in bed sleeping but she turned on Family Guy on the Direct TV earlier...As I was sitting here earlier I stopped and looked at the TV to see this...It's a Boy....I thought it was the episode I documented about when my son Zamien was born, but it's actually a different episode..Season 1 episode 3.....Zamien episode was the 72nd episode....

Anyway, the reason I thought it was interesting earlier was that right after they say it's a boy...Lois says, "Oh my God, is it TWINS"? I was like damn I can't believe I missed that when Zamien was before he was born Jasmine miscarried Twins....but it turned out to not be the same episode...I wasn't even going to blog about it, because I figured it wasn't that important considering they were different episodes. 

Anyway, for whatever the reason this same episode is playing again now probably 4 hours later? I'm sitting here writing up this post and all the sudden I hear, "Holy Crap!, It's the Children of the Corn".....I just documented about Children of the Corn earlier today...
Children of the Corn=177
I'm not sure what I am supposed to understand with Children of the Corn? 

I just searched to see if possibly there is a new Children of the Corn coming out....the last film that did come out that you can click view on Wikipedia is Children of the Corn: Genesis from 2011....I figured I would click on it and see if there was something important to i....Notice in the plot it mentions a CHARLES MANSON like character...I mean come on lol. 
Charles Manson=282(FB)
Children of the Corn=282
Manson Family=282(FB)
Iowa State Fair=282
Herbert Clark Hoover=282

As always, I'll have to think about it and wait and see if the next syncs will give me more understanding about it. 

It's interesting because I realized the way I am decoding is basically how Chaos Magic works too. The only difference is that I'm not using any techniques to create synchronicities as far as I know...they just happen...unless the technique is writing each sync down to understand the next or something along the lines...
I'm only writing this in the post considering Orlando/'s something I've been trying to study a lot in the last year or so too. I can decode stories in the media all day, but I'd rather know how to apply this knowledge to actually create a positive change in the world.  

I forgot to add some things about Disneyworld in this post too. 

Walt Disney World was synced up to the Houston Rockets and the Las Vegas Attack in 2017. 
Notice the Vegas Attack happened on Walt Disney's anniversary of 10/1....also Disney World founded in 1971 the same year the Rockets moved to Houston. 
Houston important to Space.....the Kennedy Space Center is pretty close to Orlando. 


  1. A child of the corn been wild since I was born.
    Climbin' over barb wire clothes got torn.

    Growing Pains, 2001 Album: Word of Mouf, Ludacris

    Also has the song Area Codes.

  2. Children of the Corn = 511 Jewish
    Saturn = 511 Jewish
    Today the Sun and Moon are in opposition to Saturn