Friday, July 17, 2020

Nick Cannon gets fired by ViacomCBS-Children of the Corn-The Masked Singer-Charles Manson-Twins

On July 15th there was a story of Nick Cannon being fired by CBS over his anti-semitic remarks. Honestly my first thought was that he was the host of "The Masked Singer", and I had documented about this show back in April....Notice this happens after 42 episodes... on..

Anyway, further researching Nick Cannon I see his first mixtape was called, "Child of the Corn". Now this is interesting, because within the last few weeks my girlfriend and I started going to a different casino when we go. Instead of Onawa, we go to Sloan, Iowa....The exit before Sloan is Whiting, Iowa...I thought this was interesting, because a few days before we went for the first time, my co-worker was telling me that Whiting is where the film, "Children of the Corn" was filmed. 

Notice Children of the Corn came out in 1984. 
Children of the Corn=84
Corn=84(FB) and 99(FB)
It just seems fitting with the Jesuit narrative. 
Nick Cannon's bday is 10/8 which leaves 84 days in the year. 
Korn=84(FB) and 99(FB) too...interesting. 

What's even more interesting is the fact that Nick Cannon is connected to the Charles Manson narrative too. The only reason I figured out the Charles Manson narrative was from Mariah Carey singing terrible on New Years Eve of 2016. Notice that Nick Cannon was married to her until 2016....they also have TWINs and one is named Monroe after Marilyn Monroe...remember how the Charles Manson narrative was synced to Marilyn Manson(Named after Monroe and Charles Manson). 

I typed in Nick Cannon on Yahoo, and one of the first stories that came up was about him saying he wouldn't get married again on 2/15/2020....Now think about my last post in regards to Drew CAREY's ex-girlfriend dying on 2/15....that's some crazy stuff. 

Mariah Carey=195 and 102(N word)

What else I find intersting is that I mentioned how I always mix up Anthony Anderson and Craig Robinson....I've mentioned before how I always mix up Nick Cannon with basketball player Nick Young too.....reminds me of Twins in a way. 
Nick Cannon=236(Jewish)
His birthday is 236 days before Nick Young's. 

Cannon was fired 87 days before his bday. 

One last thing is that I wonder about the film, "Love Don't Cost a Thing" that I have previously documented about with him...It's basically the remake of "Can't Buy Me Love", which was important to Freddie Gray....
I see the film also has Kal Penn in it, and I've recently talked about him being important. 


  1. APOLOGIZE. 106 52 137 38.....106
    BLACK 29 11 106 34.....106

    Nick's Radio Station

    Power 106 LA

    Power BLACK LA

    Started Radio show 6.17.2020
    Two days later.....6.19.2020

    June is the 6th month

    A teenth is 1/16 of an oz.

    BLACK = 106 = 10 + 6

    Reminds me of 106 and Park on MTV.


    106 + 1....107..10+6+1....17.

    1 ODNI + 16 Intelligence Agencies


  2. South Park.
    Season 11 Episode 1

    With Apologies to Jesse JACKSON.

    Stephen Jackson...
    Desean Jackson....

    Counterfeit $20 Bill...George Floyd...

    JACKSON. 116.....1+16....17

    1 ODNI + 16 Intelligence Agencies.

  3. I'm actually a big Mariah Carey fan. My twin brother just gave me a cassette of hers a couple weeks ago. It was funny that for the new years performance to bring in 2018 the news mentioned that she had "Falkor" around her neck. I used that as my youtube handle for a while and it was my original discord name. I mean what a reference. Neverending story came out when? 1984

  4. I didn't even see the 1984 part till just now

  5. That's a nice 87... I love stuff like that. The relevant name or title syncing up with the person's birthday. Very nice.

    Have you done anything on the Redskins name change yet? I've been doing very 'scientific' if you will, work, where I just punch in all the relevant data and dates and run searches for any connections and patterns. I don't bring in any preconceived notions as to who is behind all of this stuff and how or why any of it is synchronized simply because when it comes to that type of stuff I can't KNOW for sure... but I can KNOW for sure that there are always huge connections that are way beyond coincidence.

    Not trying to use your space here as a billboard for my work, I just want more people to know about the raw connections I'm finding- I don't care who would get the credit or whatever so anyway again I'm sorry but I did just do two large posts on the Redskins name change.

    Maybe you could check them out. I only use the alphabetical order, big and little, and reversed order, big and little, with the 19th letter exceptions. If a value is bacon or reversed bacon (rare) I denote it as such, otherwise it's just from the 6 main English ciphers.

    Also recently posted a huge 58th/59th presidential election overlapping with the 58th/59th year since the JFK assassination... The only time those two things will ever overlap.

    All the best
    and cheers!