Monday, July 20, 2020

South Park Episode-Go Fund Yourself-Washington Redskins name change-Jon Gruden Bowl-Randall Cunningham joins Raiders as Chaplain

I was thinking about this at work earlier tonight. A big controversy right now is the Washington Redskins changing their name. Remember in 2014 South Park had the episode called, "Go Fund Me" about this topic. The preview showed RGIII instead of Kirk Cousins, but South Park changed it at the last second due to RGIII getting injured. 
Kirk Cousins=201(FB)
Minnesota Vikings=201
The upcoming Super Bowl will be SB 55

Notice RGIII made his comeback in 2014 against the Minnesota Vikings too. 

Robert Griffin III=174
Baltimore Ravens=174
I've been thinking about the Ravens a lot..
Charles Manson..Blackbird...2020/Helter Skelter
Baltimore, Maryland(Catholic Colony)...Jesuit Theme.
SB 51 was the Blackbird Falcon synced to the Jesuits too. 
Once again how I knew the Jesuits were important later in 2017..Vegas Attack...."Jason Aldean"=201
Super Bowl LV=132
Catholic Church=132
The Ravens gave Pope Francis a jersey last year...John Harbaugh born on 9/23...

Baltimore Ravens=231
Minnesota Vikings=231
National Anthem=231

Remember SB 52 was held in Minneapolis and won by the Philadelphia Eagles. 
This is why I think we got the news about Randall Cunningham becoming the Las Vegas Raiders team Chaplain...
2017 was the year of the Las Vegas attack...and then the Eagles went on to win SB 52 in Minneapolis. 
Randall Cunningham is famous for playing with the Eagles and Vikings. He played his last games for the Ravens too. 

Another reason this Randall Cunningham story sticks out so much is that this years Super Bowl is in Tampa Bay...this is synced up to the Raiders vs Buccaneers in Super Bowl 37....also known as the Jon Gruden Bowl.....
Jon Gruden was Randall Cunningham's Offensive coordinator in 1995 with the Eagles...

Anyway I bring this up, because the coach of the Washington Redskins in the South Park episode is Jay Gruden, the brother of Jon Gruden. Jay was an assistant coach of the 2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers too...
Also notice he is the current offensive coordinator of the Jaguars...This is interesting, because RGIII was injured in 2014 during the week 2 game against the Jaguars. This is why South Park had to change the episode to Kirk Cousins. 

Even more interesting is Super Bowl 37 had the Dixie Chicks sing the national anthem. The Dixie Chicks were just in the news, because they changed their name to just "The Chicks" due to racism...just like the Washington Redskins are doing. 

In regards to my own life I want to point out an interesting thing....everyday for the last year(give or take) a guy comes in for coffee and gives my co-worker shit about being a Vikings fan...he always asks her how many Super Bowls have they won?....he is a Raiders fan....Jon Gruden coaching the Raiders....It would be crazy if the Vikings made the Super Bowl. even more crazy to me if the Raiders made it..

There is definitely something important to the year 2017 to 2020 though....I'm gonna have to think more about it and look at my old info. 

Ha, I made a video about this in 2014..notice I put it out on the Jesuit anniversary. 
It's funny to me too, because I recently had synchroncity with the Celtic Cross/or some variation...This is the video where I mention X-Rays, X-Raise, Raising the Cross(X). 
The Kingdom of Heaven is within You..
X-Rays you see inside yourself. 

I forgot all about this too...I talked about the 1940 NFL Championship game when Chicago beat the Redskins 73-0....the Redskins beat Chicago 7-3 in a regular season game 3 weeks before.....How is that big of a margin even possible? Let alone both connected to the number 73..

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