Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Another Look at Darren Daulton and Don Baylor's deaths in 2017-186 Zach's car crash-Umbrella-Chyna-The Ninth Gate

So last night I had a notification for Derek's new video about Darren Daulton. It drew me in considering Darren Daulton died in 2017, a year I keep saying is important to 2020. 
Zach posted about Darren Daulton's book on 4/15, because someone told him about it. 
Darren Daulton then died 113 days later on 8/6. 
Darren Daulton=147, 204
World Series=147
Houston Astros=147, 204
8/6 leaves 147 days in the year.

Zach also made this post 192 days before 10/24, which is the day the 2017 World Series began. It's also the day Zach made his first ever blog post in 2013...and also the day that Darren Daulton's book was released in 2007. 

If You Only Knew=192(Daulton's book)

Zach also made that post 3 months 12 days after Daulton's final bday, and in 2017 the major Jesuit number I was following was 312. 

Anyway, last night I noticed another important piece to this puzzle I didn't see before. 

If They Only Knew=186
Remember this number was important to the Umbrella Man making the video about Zach's car crash that was 186 days before his original YouTube was deleted on 6/28...the day leaving 186 days in the year. Zach then did the next weeks episode of the Gematria Effect on the 186th day of the year before taking a 2 week break. 
The JFK Umbrella Man was synced to this number as well..
Last year when Zach got the porn Hack it was important to this number too. The porn hack gave him a strike that lasted until 6/28. 
Remember I got a strike on 2/15 last year too...it was synced to the film "The Breakfast Club"...this is interesting because "St. Elmo's Fire" came out on 6/28...and these 2 films are the basis of the Brat Pack...which syncs to the Duck/Pink symbolism. 
St. Elmo's fire involves Jesuit Georgetown. 
Zach Hubbard=186(FB)
Elon Reeve Musk=186(born on 6/28)
Some people think that Montagraph/Umbrella Man is Sam Kinison who was born in Yakima, which is where Zach now lives. 

Terry Kniess=186(FB)(Price is Right Guy synced to Vegas Attack)

I'm bringing all of this up, because after Darren Daulton died another famous baseball player died....Don Baylor. 
Notice he has a birthday of 6/28...so his final bday was the day Zach's Channel was deleted. 

I was seeing all types of TWIN symbolism in 2017...and I randomly saw a post by Enterthe5t4rz about his TWIN. I then started thinking about "STARS"...Astros Logo....plus Enterthe5t4rz has a backup channel called, "If You Only Knew"...similar to the Darren Daulton book title....
I'm mentioning this, because he had a car crash into his house on 1/13/2016....then Dahboo7 had a car crash into his house 3 months 13 days later....then of course Zach's on 12/24/2016...

It seems strange considering Montagraph was the guy who threatened Zach, but he is buddies with Enterthe5t4rz and Dahboo7 who also got their houses crashed into. 
It started on 1/13...
The 113th World Series. 
Synergy=113(what Montagraph said he used)

Another reason it was so interesting is that wrestler CHYNA also has a book named, "If They Only Knew". Recall, how the death of Chyna Thomas was synced to the Rockets in 2017 and also the country of China/Space. 

I keep falling asleep, but there is a major riddle with this. 

I want to add a random thing too. A few nights ago my Netflix had too many people on it, so I went to HULU. One of the first movies that came up was "The Ninth Gate". I read the little paragraph and figured I would watch it. After it was over I looked up the film to see that it's a Roman Polanski film....Of course something connected to Charles Manson. 

The first place the main character travels to is SPAIN...and notice it came out on 8/27 in Spain...
8/27/2020 is 12/21/12(Ethiopian)...Mary Poppins came out on 8/27.

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