Tuesday, July 14, 2020

US Navy Ship USS Bonhomme Richard has explosion-2017 Jesuits/USS Fitzgerald

A navy ship by San Diego has an explosion and catches on fire. Does this not remind you of 2017 when the Navy boats were in the news around this same time? USS Fitzgerald...
Remember how it was synced to Priests and Jesuits. 

Notice this ship is named after another ship named by John Paul Jones. He named it after Ben Franklin. 
John Paul Jones=191
Ben Franklin=191
Society of Jesus=187, and 191
Notice John Paul Jones was born on the 187th day and died on 18/7. 

Ben Franklin also died age 84. 
United States of America=84
Revolutionary War=84
George III=84

Revolutionary War=195....haha very interesting considering the times. 
United States=312(FB)
This is interesting considering how much I've mentioned this number with the Jesuits. Washington D.C./The Catholic Colony and so on...
The area near Washington was supposedly owned by a guy named Francis Pope. 
Washington D.C.=187
George Washington=187
United States of America=132

US Navy=201(FB) and 312(satanic)

Church of England=191(FB) and 139

Sorry I'm just pointing out some interesting things here. 
King James=35
King James Bible=56
Royal Family=56
Society of Jesus=56

The name John Paul Jones is also interesting in regards to Led Zeppelin. Notice their drummer was John Bonham...I work with a lady with this last name and when I first saw the Bonhomme Richard story it reminded me of her last name. Notice how the wikipedia also tells us of his work with Josh HOMME...

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