Friday, July 17, 2020

Anthony Anderson somewhat synchronicity-The Price is Right and 2017 Info-Death of Drew Carey's ex-girlfriend

A few nights ago I was in bed trying to find something on Netflix to watch. In the Popular on Netflix section I saw the movie Kangaroo Jack. I've never seen the movie before, but it drew my attention because it has Teddy from Hangtime in it. Of course the film wouldn't load, because too many people were on my account, so I just went to bed. 

Yesterday at work one of my co-workers had a handful of boxes in her arms and told me to make open the back door.. I bent over and pulled my butt cheeks apart told her it's open as a joke...but then later we were talking about it and I said I should have done the Ace Ventura..."Can I Ass you a question"....this led into my other co-worker telling me that her boyfriend did that not too long ago....she then started telling me about the film, "Me, Myself, and Irene". Neither of us could think of the name of it, but when I found it on my phone, I realized this movie had Teddy from Hangtime(Anthony Anderson). 

So anyway, I'm just documenting that there might be something important to him. 
He has a birthday on the 8/15...which is Napoleon's bday....the Jesuits were formed...the 227th day....He is currently 49 years old...
The 49th Prime is 227. 
Anthony Anderson=187 and 239(FB)
Paris France=187 and 239(FB)
Me Myself & Irene=227(FB)

Jim Carrey has also been important. Remember Joel Schumacher created, "The Number 23" and the Batman where the riddler uses gematria. Schumacher recently died....
Kangaroo Jack came out on 1/17, which was Jim Carrey's 41st bday. 

I've also been wondering if anything would come up in regards to the Price is Right this year. Remember the Vegas Attack was connected to Terry Kniess(Perfect Showcase) reaching out to me the day before, and the Jesuits. 

I realized that something already happened this year though. Remember a lady I know named Amy was on the Price is Right episode on 1/24...then on 2/15, Drew Carey's ex-girlfriend Amie Harwick died......Amie Harwick's birthday was 5/20, which is also Terry Kniess' birthday. 
5/20 is an interesting day, as it's the day Ignatius of Loyola injured his leg in a battle, thus when he turned his life to religion. 
2/15 is the 46th day..
Catholic=46 and 35
Terry Kniess=215(FB)
Amie Harwick died 3 months 5 days before their bdays. 

I'm mentioning this further, because in 2017, I had synchronicity with Jim Carrey and the Navy boat with 62 on it. I then talked about how I had just DJ'ed for the Carey Family. The Carey family is related to the lady I know named Amy that was on the Price is Right in 2020. 
I hit a deer on my way home that night in the early hours of Father's Day...Fathers/Priests....I then talked about my dad's Father and the number dads father then died on 3/10/2020, just before my dad turned 63 years old. 
The whole reason I noticed a theme with the Jesuits in 2017, was because of the number 63 in connection to the Priests in my town as a kid. Especially Father Paul, who was a Jesuit and died age 63 in a bathtub on the Jesuit residence of Creighton. He also died 6 months 3 days after the Jesuit anniversary...and 3 months 12 days before his birthday. My uncle Barney had also died age 63 in 2017 at Creighton....synced up to the Knights of Columbus. 

One last thing I want to document is that I often get Anthony Anderson and actor Craig Robinson(Horsedick.mpeg/Hot Tub Time Machine/This is the End) Mixed up.
Their bday's are 71 days apart...

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  1. Been seeing a ton of Anderson. Makes me think of the Matrix. Isn't neo called Mr.Anderson. they did a story on John Anderson on NPR today. We put on Pineapple Express and noticed Amber Heard was in the film. Amber Heard = 195. Her character is Angie Anderson. Of course she's huge in the tabloids right now