Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Margot Kidder "Superman" actress dead at 69- More Airplane symbolism-Bridge-Earthquake

Margaret Kidder=624(satanic)
Yet again that 624 comes up....

A few things stand out to me right away in regards to this story...
Notice Margot's bday of 10/17 which is the same day as the Loma Prieta Earthquake in 1989. 
Remember Christopher Reeve was injured in a horse riding accident on 5/27 which is the anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge being opened....but also Neptune is the God of Earthquakes and Horses....
This story comes around the time of the big horse races too. 
Also she dies on 13/5...
Golden Gate Bridge=135

Superman=133(Francis Bacon)
She dies on the 133rd day of the year. 
Margot Kidder=199(reverse), 73(rev red)
She dies 7 months 3 days after the anniversary of Christopher Reeve dying....
Superman=46(rev red)...
46th prime is 199. 

Look at the Plot of the first Superman film as well....
Superman comes from the "El" family....at the end he flies around the Earth rewinding TIME to save Lois Lane....
El of course is the Keeper of Time...
Also notice a big piece is that a missile hits the San Andreas fault causing aftershocks to destroy the Golden Gate Bridge and Hoover Dam....
It also involves Hackensack, NJ which I have previously mentioned in connection to Earthquakes and Minnesota....

Also remember how this year I've been saying is connected to what I was talking about in 2015 and also with Super Bowl 50 that was played in Levi's Stadium(San Francisco Bay). 
Batman Vs Superman Levi's Stadium
In the link above I talked about the Superman film where he stops a plane from crashing into the baseball game.....also how in 2015 there were stories of pilots saying they were blinded by the lights at Levi's Stadium...also the Germanwings flight with pilot Andreas Lubitz and the picture of him at the Golden Gate Bridge.....just interesting as lately I've been mentioning all of the these plane stories seeming to be related...

Think about Superman as well...also known as the Man of STEEL...Steeler/Steelers were a big piece to the BRIDGE symbolism I was mentioning earlier this year..
Christopher Reeve also died on 10/10 in 2004 which was just before the Eagles lost in the Super Bowl to the Patriots...
Man of Steel=52(rev red)
Reeve born in 52' and died age 52. 
Think about that in regards to Super Bowl 52 this year...

Christopher Reeve=95
He got hurt in "Culpeper Virginia"=95 in the year 95'. 
He died in 2004 which was the year Daunte Culpepper had a standout season in the NFL. 

Marlon Brando played Superman's father in the first film with Reeve as well. Notice he died in 2004 also....
2004 makes me think of the Tsunami/Earthquake in Indonesia...
Marlon Brando=71(rev red)
He dies on 7/1. 
Possibly not connected but it's interesting...
Margot Kidder=71(k)
Margaret Kidder=71
She was married at one point to "John Heard" who died on the anniversary of Neil Armstrong walking on the Moon in 2017...He died age 71. 

The same day Margot Kidder dies we got the story of the bombings in Indonesia as well...
Remember Trump is going to meet Kim Jong Un in this area(Singapore) on 6/12. 

Also isn't it interesting that the first feature film person to play Superman was named "George Reeves"....then Christopher Reeve...

Lois Lane=33
L=3 L=3

I'm sure I'm missing a lot with all of this as I don't think I've ever actually watched a Superman film before. I've watched a few pieces of the films, but never actually watched a whole Superman film. 


  1. Ken Caminiti died the same day as Christopher Reeve, also in New York City. He was one of the Padres star players when the Yankees swept them in the 1998 WS. Possibly another New York connection?

  2. I got her down as a sacrifice to "Jerusalem Day" and the 70th anniversary of Israel. (civil calendar)
    Kidder" = 33 (Full Reduction)
    Kidder" = 51 (English Ordinal)
    She died on the 51st anniversary of "Jerusalem Day" = 44 ..5/13

    "Yom Yerushalayim (“Jerusalem Day”), the 51st anniversary of the reunification of the city during the Six Day War of 1967"

    Jerusalem Day in Hebrew matches her life path number
    "יום ירושלים" = 31 (Hebrew Reduction)

    First name matches her death date
    Margot" = 29 (Full Reduction)

    Margot" = 70 (Jewish Ordinal)
    She died on the eve of Israel's 70th anniversary