Monday, May 7, 2018

Hawaii Earthquake/Volcano and the connections to North Korea-Great American Eclipse-Jesuits-Moon

Isn't it interesting that Hawaii's earthquake comes 111 days after the North Korean Missile scare in Hawaii? 
Also just before the Hawaiin Earthquake we get the story of North and South Korea's epic meeting...
North Korean Missile=261(reverse)
North Korea=55(rev red)
Earthquake=55(rev red)

I also find it interesting that Hawaii's 59th anniversary of being a state happened on the same day as the Great American Eclipse. 
Think about it....Moon Jae-In...
Hawaii became a state in 59' as well. 
Think about all of the symbolism this year in regards to the Moon/Cold War....Elon Musk's Falcon Heavy launch...The Rockets possibly being in the NBA Finals.....Think about Mini Me dying even....Austin the Cold War is over.....
Rockets=91=Space=Apollo=Asteroid....the Space race ending in 91'. 

To make it even more interesting the last visible total solar eclipse in the US was only partially visible in Hawaii on 7/11 in the year 91'. 

The Korea's meet 3 months 14 days after the Hawaii missile scare. 
Eclipse=314(satanic) also 69. 
Think about the Earthquake being a 6.9
Also "World War III"=69
Think about Hawaii in regards to World War as well. 

The first supposed Moon landing was in 69' during the sign of Cancer that's symbolized by the "69". 

The missile scare was 145 days after the Great American Eclipse. 
North Korea=145(reverse)
Remember how I documented all of the connection to North Korea and the Jesuits/Catholic Church.
I also talked how the Jesuits were super connected to the USS Fitzgerald Crash...

We got the crash of the USS John  S. McCain on the same day as the Great American Eclipse as well. 
Remember John McCain said North Korea murdered Otto Warmbier. 

Kim Jong-Un born on 8/1...(January 8th)
John McCain currently 81 years old. 
Kenneth Bae born on 8/1(August 1st)

The Korean War lasted 3 years 1 month 2 days. 
Kim Jong-Un's bday is 3 months 12 days after the Jesuit anniversary. 
His other bday is 84 days before the Jesuit anniversary..."Jesuit"=84
He was born in 84' according to American records. Kim's grandpa who ruled during the Korean War died 84 days after his bday. 
Jorge Mario Bergoglio=312
Pope Francis turned 81 years old 81 days after the Jesuit anniversary. Think about Kim's bday 8/1....
Also Kim became the leader of Korea after his father died on Pope Francis' 75th birthday. (World War III=75...also 7/5 is the bday that the Swiss have for Kim Jong Un). 
We are currently in the 477th year of the Jesuits being founded. 
Four Hundred Seventy Seven=312(reverse)
Francis Xavier died on 3/12(Dec. 12th). 
Ignatius of Loyola made a saint on 3/12(March 12th)

I'm betting we got this story of Ken Jeong saving an audience member as well. Notice he is of South Korean descent. 

This story comes 69 days before his bday. 
Ken Jeong=81
Kim Jong....Ken Jeong?
It happened on 5/5 but they don't give us the story on CNN until 5/7 or 7/5. 
Dr. Ken=312(sumerian)

Also a reminder that Truman was the president for the majority of the Korean War. 
Harry S. Truman=176 and 148(reverse)
Donald J. Trump=148, 176(reverse)

Also don't forget Rodman wearing his "Potcoin"=312 shirt going to North Korea on 6/13 this year. Then Otto Warmbier(Worm-Bir) being released that same day.....Rodman the Worm....
Basketball Diplomacy=114
Rodman visited North Korea 114 days before the Heat=114 won the NBA Finals in 2013 with "Lebron James"=114

Lebron born 51 weeks after Kim Jong-Un in 1984. 
We know how 51 is important to Lebron and the Cavs...
Lebron also super important to the Jesuits as he was born 3 months 3 days after the 444th anniversary which was 33 years ago. 
Jesus=444(sumerian) and died age 33. 

Dennis Keith Rodman=84
United States of America=84
Revolutionary War=84
George III=84

I'm also interested in the fact the Hawaii volcano erupted on 5/3 which was 8 months 12 days after the great american eclipse. 
In 2015 I made a video talking about the date of 8/12..16 would be fitting for World War III..
World War III August 12th Video from 2015
If you look at my old posts about North Korea I kept talking about 128 and 12/8 which is interesting as August 12th could be 12/8 too. 
August 12th leaves 141 days in the year...
World War III=141

Also the last American Total Solar Eclipse was 156 days before World War I came to an end....
The last big earthquake in Hawaii anniversary was 156 days before the new one. 
In 2017 Rodman went to North Korea 156 days after Kim's bday. 
Rodman played 911 NBA games....
156th prime is 911. 

The 2017 Great American Eclipse was 156 days before MOON Jae-In's bday...


  1. The word "Eclipse" = 156 in Hebrew...that should make a little more sense of all the 156.

  2. Here's my work on Iran if anybody needs it.

  3. If you're seeing 156 look at the Iranian President
    Iranian President Hassan Rouhani" = 156 (Jewish Reduction)
    From today to President of Iran's birthday
    26 weeks and 6 days 26*6=156

  4. Nice Work! Another parallel: Former President Obama who was allegedly born in Hawaii, will turn "57" on 8/4/1961(84). There is a span of "92" days from the date of the earthquake(May 4th)and Obama's "57th" birthday.
    "Barack Hussein Obama II"=357(Franc Baconis)
    "Barack Obama"=614(Reverse Satanic) Like 6/14 Trumps Birthday

    "Ninety Two Days"=612-(Reverse Satanic) "612" is Minnesota's Area Code
    "LeBron R James"=612(Reverse Satanic) This number is connected to School Massacre's

    "LeBron R James"=192(Reverse Ordinal)"192" 1x92=92, 92 is "911"
    "LeBron Raymone James"=911(Reverse Satanic)
    Lebron scored "29" points in yesterday's game (29/92)
    "Parkland Florida"=92(Reverse Full Red.)