Saturday, May 19, 2018

Explosion at Plastic Fabrication company near Houston Texas

Kuraray America Eval=77
Pasadena, Texas=77(rev red)
This story is in the Houston Area yet again. So yesterday we got a school shooting near Houston and now we are getting an explosion near Houston. All this same time we still have Houston who might make the NBA Finals..."Basketball"=22

Also today being the 139th day of the year sticks out in regards to the 22 people hurt. 
Twenty Two=165
Scottish Rite=165
I talked a lot about the connections to 165 a long time ago with my 22 Jumpstreet video being copyright claimed...
Also the 165th day being June 14th which is Flag Day/Trump's bday..

Another interesting 624 I just found...
Explosion=48, 42(rev red), 114(reverse)
World War=114

Plastic Fabrication=79
22nd prime is 79. 
Kuraray America Eval=121
Plastic Fabrication Company=121(rev red)

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