Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Warriors beat the Rockets in Game 7

The Rocket do lose to the Warriors. I bet people can't wait for part 4 Cavs vs Warriors lol. 
Notice the score 101+92=193
44th prime number is 193. 
James Harden=44
Chris Paul=44
Game Seven=44
Also interesting Durant, Curry, and Green all played 44 minutes. 

I didn't get to watch this game, but I'm sure there were plenty of scripted plays. 
It's just amazing watching the scripting of all these events connected to Houston and the Space/Moon theme and seeing the Rockets lose yet again...
I feel like they baited it all year...especially with "Andre Igoudala"=112 and not playing...possibly it's all for the Astros again just like last year. We will find out in time. 

That Chris Paul breaking his hand riddle sticks out even more considering how Kevin Love got hurt in the Cavs series as well. Remember Love Broke his hand against the Pistons this year in the 2nd game where they played back to back. The Pistons lost the same day Blake Griffin was traded to Detroit and Cavs got their 29th win. Then the game Love broke his hand the Pistons won staying on 29 wins....then Detroit played the Clippers on 2/9. It makes me think of how Chris Paul didn't play in game 6 and the Warriors won by 29 points. Kevin Love is 29 years old right now too. Blake Griffin turned 29 on March 16th this year too. 

I'm also interested in the 624 stuff and how it's connected to Prince Charles....Cavalier being a follower of King Charles...Prince Harry just getting married....there are some riddles I didn't see until recently. 
Game 6 of the finals being on Trump's bday/Flag Day...
Game 7 being on the 168th day. "Cleveland Cavaliers"=168

I see the Warriors last played the Cavs this season on 1/15 too. I just documented about 115 with the Warriors and how they lost to the Cavs in 2016. 

The Celtics obviously were important this year to build up the 2 same dominant teams being in the finals too. It makes a lot of sense now that we know who is in the finals. 

I'll add more if I actually watch the game, but most likely I won't watch it. 

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  1. Barbara Bush 92 when she died in Houston.A couple nights after she died the Astros beat the Mariners 9-2 in Seattle in tribute.