Sunday, May 6, 2018

200 Dead Horses found in Arizona-Kentucky Derby winner Justify


One of the things that horses always remind me of is what I talked about in 2014 in regards to the Broncos losing the Super Bowl and the "Phil" theme. (Phillip Seymour Hoffman dying while Phillip Phillips was singing, Uncle Phil dying, Phil on Duck Dynasty hating gay people and so on). 
Philip means lover of horses....(Broncos)
Neptune/Poseidon was the God of Water-Earthquakes and Horses. 
It's why Rihanna's video Diamonds in the Sky is all about horses, because it supposedly rains diamonds on the planet Neptune. 

This story coming on 5/5 sticks out because "Earthquake"=55(rev red)

The number of horses was actually 191....
Society of Jesus=191

Notice this story comes 7 months 8 days and also 220 days after the Jesuit anniversary..
The Jesuits founded when the 220th Pope was the Pope. 
Pope Francis bday 2 months 20 days after the Jesuit anniversary. 
Donald John Trump=220(reverse)

It's also 145 days before the Jesuit anniversary this year. 

Funny how this story comes the same day as the Kentucky Derby too. 

The horse "Justify" won the Kentucky Derby but look at the jockey. He was perfect to win it..
Mike Smith=55(rev red) and 136(reverse)
Notice his bday is 136 days(end date) before the date that Justify was foaled. 

Smith even wins 13 weeks 6 days before his bday. 
Louisville=136(where the Derby takes place)

To make it even more fitting the the story of the 200 dead horses...Justify's trainer is Robert Baffert who is from Arizona. 
Robert Baffert=136
One Hundred Thirty Six=253(reverse)
The Derby this year was 253 days before his bday. 

He also trained American Pharoah who won the Triple Crown in 2015. Like I have been saying everything is synced to 2015. 

Wins 38 days after the foaled date. 
May Fifth=38(rev red)


  1. This story (200 Dead Horses) a foreshadowing that the PHI-ladelphia 76er's will lose game 4 tomorrow. This story is coded as a "Hoax", if any horses died it was some kind of animal sacrifice.
    "Hoax"=200(Reverse Satanic)
    "Animal Sacrifices"=200(ALW Kabbalah)
    "Animal Sacrifices"=136(Jewish Ordinal)
    "Philadelphia Seventy Sixers"=136(Rev.Full Red.)

    "Two Hundred Dead Horses"=103(13)-Rev.Full Red.
    The number "13" is connected to a "Hoax"
    "A Hoax"=13

    Hal Greer a former Philadelphia 76er, died at the age of 81 on 4/16/2018. He died in ARIZONA and attended "Marshall University" years 1955-1958. This parallels the "We Are Marshall" infamous Plane Crash" in 1970 and Houston Rockets Head Coach Mike D'Antoni. D'Antoni attended Marshall in "1970" the same year of the plane crash, that alleged to have killed 75 people
    (37 Football Players). D'Antoni's birthday is May 8, 1951(or 5/8,58) and Hal Greer was drafted in "58" as the "13" pick by the "Syracuse Nationals". The Syracuse Nationals became the "Philadelphia 76er's in 1963. "15" bodies were recovered in the plane crash and Hal Greer wore jersey #15 .
    "We Are Marshall"=136(English Ordinal)136/361
    "Mike D'Antoni"=361(Reverse Franc Baconis) The divisors of "361" sum to "381"(38x1=38)
    "Syracuse Nationals"=200(Like the alleged 200 dead horses)

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    2. Nice catches..."Two Hundred Dead Horses" = 113 (SR) on top of the 103 you mentioned as well.
      "Two Hundred Dead Horses" = 103 (RR) | 310 (RO)

      Anyway, I just wanted to point out how Mike Smith's birthday is 8/10, a lot like 8/1, that "Bridge" number. And of all places...he was born in Roswell. Too weird.

    3. Thanks Derek-I just realized I have an error. Hal Greer died on April 14th not the 16th, (4/14, 414/144), that makes more sense.
      "Two Hundred Dead Horses"=414-Reverse Francis Bacon
      "Marshall University"=1440(144)-Reverse English Sumerian
      "Thurgood Marshall"=200(KFW Kabbalah)
      He was allegedly the 1st Negro Supreme Court JUDGE(JUDGE/JUSTIFY) and the founder of the NAACP, he died at age "84". Also, Trump's birthday on "14TH" of June, leaves "200" days left in the year.