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Stand By Me played at the Royal Wedding-King Charles III and 624-other Royal info

A few people have clued me in that at the Royal Wedding they had the choir sing the song "Stand By Me". 
This sticks out right away to me, because I just mentioned how the final 2 episodes of The Big Bang Theory they brought Jerry O'Connell on the show as Sheldon's brother. He of course is the fat kid in Stand By Me. Also Sheldon was supposed to get married by Wil Wheaton, but at the last minute Howard got Luke Skywalker instead. 
Just think about this for a second though....They do all of this with 2 of the Stand By Me actors for Sheldon's WEDDING? Then at the Royal WEDDING the choir sings Stand By Me? 

It was the perfect day for them to get married as well. 
2 months 16 days before Meghan's bday. 
Rachel Meghan Markle=216(reverse)
Her birthday is the 216th day of the year. 
Prince Henry of Wales=216
American Royal=216(reverse)
Don't forget that Prince William also born on 21/6. 
It makes even more sense when you look at Prince Harry. 
The wedding comes 8 months 4 days after his 33rd bday. 
Meghan born on 8/4 the 216th day of the year. 
Meghan Duchess of Sussex=84
Two Hundred Sixteen=84
Prince Harry born in 84'
8/4 is also Obama's bday....remember the connection to Harry and Obama with the Invictus games? "Obama"=84(Jewish)
She is related to the Royal family through the "Bowes" which Queen Elizabeth II's mother was a Lyons-Bowes...She was also born on 8/4. 
Queen Elizabeth II=84(rev red)
Princess Diana=84(rev red)
United States of America=84=Revolutionary War=George III
Also notice how his bday is 9/15 and he got married on 5/19...the reflections of each other. 

This wedding is all about Freemasonry and the Jesuits which are intertwined. 
Meghan Duchess of Sussex=312(reverse)...big number with the Jesuits/North Korea..The wedding was also 3 months 12 days before the anniversary of Princess Diana dying age 36 and Markles is currently 36....The 36th Triangular number is 666...6X6X6=216. 

It comes on the 139th day of the year...
Royal Wedding=137, 187(reverse)
137 is the 33rd prime...
Prince Harry is 33 years old...
33 the highest degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry..
Society of Jesus=187(reverse)
Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry=187

Their bdays are 42 days apart...
Jesuit=42(rev red)

Also it's 1 month 11 days...
Remember Queen Elizabeth II is born on the 111th day of the year...
Think about the film Stand By Me being based off a Stephen KING novel called "The Body" as well. The song is known for singer "Ben E. KING". (been a king?)
If everything is synced up to 2015 like I've been saying then it seems as though we may see a KING in the near future...

The film Stand By Me also came out on 8/8 which is interesting..
Remember he came out listening to the Queen song at his national convention 88 days after Elizabeth's bday on 18/7. Also 187 days before he became president. The song was "We are the Champions"=84
Also Kanye West supporting Trump...remember in 2015 he sang the Queen song at Glastonbury. 
Also they announced their engagement 8 months and 8 days before Meghan Markle's bday. 
Side note: Remember "Brexit"=84(reverse) came 138 days before the US election that Trump won (Donald Trump=138, "Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor"=138)..."European Union"=623(satanic) and Brexit was on 6/23 voting to leave the EU. Remember the media even hinted at Boris Johnson possibly becoming the next Prime Minister...the guy who looks a lot like Donald Trump...

Think about Jerry O'Connell being on the Wendy Williams show when she collapsed dressed as the statue of liberty too. 

I think I just figured it out.....
I was thinking about O'Connell being born on the 48th day of the year. Also 8/4 is written as 4/8 in the UK...I've been talking a lot about 48 recently and I remembered Prince Charles was born in 48'. Remember his bday was also on the same day as the closest Super Moon since 1948...just after the Cubs beat the Indians who haven't won a World Series since 48' "Cleveland"=48...."Donald Trump"=48 wins the election on the anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down..and wants to build the "Wall"=48....Had his national convention in Cleveland....
Remember King Charles I died age 48. 
Charles II=48

King Charles III=624(satanic)
It's the magic number I have been talking a lot about..

Notice 6/24 is also 4 months 21 days before Prince Charles birthday...
Queen Elizabeth II born on 4/21. 
This of course also means Elizabeth's bday to Prince Charles bday is 6 months 24 days. Also 207 days..

August 8th is also important because it's the 220th day of the year..
Prince Charles=220(reverse)
Donald John Trump=220(reverse)

6/24 to Prince Harry's bday is 84 days(end date) notice it's also 2 months 23 days...
223 is the 48th prime number. 
James=48.....think about King James and the Cavaliers...A Cavalier is a follower of King Charles during the English Civil War. 

Without the end date to MM's bday it's 1 month 11 days...with the end date it's 42 days...

One last thought in regards to the songs that were played at the Royal Wedding...The other song was "This little light of mine"......And the land is dark and the Moon is the only Light we'll see....It makes me think of Wendy Williams collapsing dressed as the Statue of Liberty.....holding the "Light". 

Also I can't help but think of how Prince died on Elizabeth's bday with all the connections to her in 2016....Remember the Celebrity Death Match where Prince Charles fought Prince(singer) that also had Dennis Rodman fight Michael Jordan? Thinking about North Korea....Jordan(Philadelphia/Valentines born on the 48th day...owns the Charlotte Hornets....the Carolina's named after King Charles"
Celebrity Death Match Post
Also just want to retype a bit about Princess Diana....
Remember she was born on 7/1...
Diana Spencer=71(rev red)
Her bday is 7 months 17 days after Prince Charles bday...
Princess Camilla born on 7/17...
The House of Windsor established on 7/17/17. 
Diana died 132 days after Queen Elizabeth's 71st bday..
Elizabeth became the Queen 132 days after the Jesuit anniversary...
Princess Diana=132
Catholic Church=132
United States of America=132(rev red)
House of Mount Batten Windsor=132
The Royal Wedding this year was 104 days before the anniversary of Diana's Death..."one hundred thirty two"=104

You have to appreciate Markles mother supposedly being a black lady named Doria Ragland....
Doria Ragland=59=Slave=Negro and so on..
She's also originally from Cleveland...the 216 area code...

She also lives in Windsor Hills since 2011...I mean of all places WINDSOR Hills and now her daughter gets married to the Royal Family. 

Prince Charles is 69 years old right now..
Charles III=69(rev red)
King George VII=69(rev red), 84..could be this instead....
His investiture as Prince of Wales came on 7/1..1969. 

Remember too that Prince Philip is 1,776 days older than Elizabeth II...
She became Queen in the 175th anniversary of the United States....6/24 is the 175th day...
Diana Frances Spencer=175
Pope Francis=175
Remember Diana is the "MOON" Goddess...think about that in regards to Stand by Me....the MOON is the only light we'll see. 
The Great American Eclipse was 8 months 4 days after Pope Francis bday....The reason it's important is because Diana died 21 years ago on 8/31/18...."Moon"=21
Prince William got married 7 years 20 days before Harry...7/20 of course the Moon landing date. Possibly nothing but thinking about Corey Feldman/Michael Jackson...The Moonwalker/Dirty Diana....
He was also the KING of Pop..

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  1. Great Work! It seems that Doria Loyce Ragland is a huge piece of the Freemason Chess Game (born in Cleveland). Her surname Ragland (RAGland/RAGS To Riches and RagLAND/CleveLAND).
    Janet Jackson(JackSON/MaSON) received the Billboard ICON Award on SUNday(5/20). She gave a speech about Female Empowerment(Like Markle) this years Mind Control Freemason Satanic Agenda.

    "Janet Damita Jo Jackson"=61(Doria Ragland is "61"yrs old)
    Janet from Gary, InDIANA was born on May 16, 1966, May 16th, the "136th" day of the year, 229 days remaining. She became of divorcee last year and Markle is a divorcee.

    "Billboard Icon Award"=163(163/136)The 136th day of the year
    "Janet Jackson"=38(38/83)
    "Meghan Markle"=38
    "Doria Loyce Ragland"=83
    "Janet Jackson"=621(Reverse Satanic) Like 6/21, the Summer Solstice begins on 6/21.(621/216)
    "Meghan Markle"=216(Reverse Ordinal)