Wednesday, May 9, 2018

James Paxton throws No Hitter in Canada-Eagle/Moon symbolism-Twins-Hawaii-North Korea

Remember James Paxton was the guy the Bald Eagle landed on during the Mariners vs Twins game on 4/5? 
Notice this no hitter comes 183 days after his bday....Also 183(end date) before his next bday...
Minnesota Twins=183(reverse)
Also notice the score of the game was 5-0. 
Twin Cities=50
Challenger=50(eagle who landed on him)
Bald eagle=50(rev red)

No Hitter=107(reverse)
I've been saying a lot of it is connected to Earthquakes. 

Notice the Mariners became 20-14 as well. 
San Francisco won the 2014 World Series(Earthquakes/1989 WS). 
Also the Blue Jays became 19-17 which is interesting because the Giants(New York) were also in the 1917 World Series. 

San Francisco=50
They also lost yesterday staying giving them a record of 19-17. 

It's also interesting that Paxton is from Canada and he gets a no hitter against the only Canadian MLB Team. 

James Paxton=39, 138
Canada=39(rev red), 138(reverse) also 24. 
Eagle=24(rev red)

The no hitter comes 24 weeks before the World Series begins. 

This also comes 2 months 12 days before the anniversary of the Eagle landing on the Moon. 
Toronto Blue Jays=212

I also just discovered something interesting....I've recently mentioned that 510 for whatever the reason keeps showing up. 
I see that "Twins"=510(sumerian)....also "Challenger"=510(sumerian). 
If the Rockets make the NBA Finals this year, it will make me wonder if the Twins will make the World Series too. Maybe somehow what I was documenting was a year off? We will doesn't seem likely at this point in time for the Twins to be in the WS, but that really means nothing. Or possibly it's all for the Astros just like last year? 

This no hitter also comes 33 days after the Eagle landing game in which the Mariners lost 2-4....Notice they became 3-3 with the loss too. 
Eagle=24(rev red)
24 men have supposedly flown to the Moon. 
He pitched 5.0 innings in that game as well. 

The anniversary of the Eagle landing on the Moon is 3 months 3 days before the World Series begins this year too. 

Also interesting that just before the Eagle landing on him game the Mariners played San Francisco...
The game after the won 11-4.....the 114th world series...
Minneapolis Minnesota=114
San Francisco Giants=114

Also the final out was a 99mph fastball on his 99th pitch to Josh Donaldson. 
This stick outs because "James Paxton"=523(satanic)
99th prime is 523
Donald Trump=523(satanic)...
Think about it....Josh DONALDson. 

Paxton is the 2nd Canadian to throw a no hitter. The first was Dick Fowler of the PHILADELPHIA Athletics...who did it on 9/9 of 1945. 
Paxton's no hitter was also 1 month 3 days after the Eagle landing on him. 
M=13....the "M's". 
M's=13(rev red)
The final out was a ground out to Kyle Sealer who is exactly 1 year 3 days older than Paxton. (11/3/87 to 11/6/88)
Just think about that...Dick FOWLer....reminding us of Birds. He played for Philadelphia in which the EAGLES just won the Super bowl. Remember the Philadelphia Phillies won 5-0 the same day as the Eagle landing on Paxton too. Now he gets a no hitter against the Blue Jays, yet another BIRD. 
Bird=24 and 33 also 95(Jewish)
The Eagle landed on him on the 95th day of the year....The world Series begins 95 days after the anniversary of the Eagle landing on the Moon. 
Blue Jays=95 

Donaldson born on 12/8...
This happened on the 128th day...
Josh Donaldson=150
World Series=150

I have synchronicity with the TV about 10 times already today. 
Just as I was reading the part "might as well", Peter Griffin on the Star Wars family guy episode playing says something about "Might As Well Pee my pants"....

I stopped looking at the Paxton stuff for a second a minute ago as well. I was scrolling through Facebook and watching some Hawaii Lava I'm watching it....Family guy makes a joke with Luke Skywalker calling out "Tom Selleck"....Remember I talked about him in regards to Hawaii back in January and the TV Show Magnum P.I set in Hawaii because of Family Guy. 
Also earlier the cartoon Loud House was on and just as I said a word the TV said the same word. I can't remember the words now, but it happened twice during that episode. I should've looked more into it and wrote down the others just happens so often to me that sometimes I just laugh and move on. 

Tom Selleck=333(Jewish)
Philadelphia Eagles=333(Jewish)
2015 was the 333rd year of Philadelphia...

Also the reason I put the stuff about Hawaii in here is because in a recent post where I talked about the Eagles symbolism I also talked about Hawaii. I talked about Apollo 17(last moon landing) and the connections to the 72' Miami Dolphins with Elvis in Hawaii wearing the American Eagle jumpsuit. 
Apollo 17 is important to James Paxton because the Eagle that landed on him was named "Challenger". Challenger was the Lunar Module used to land on the Moon with Apollo 17. 
Hawaii Missile-Tom Selleck Post
5.3 Earthquake in Los Angeles-Elvis in Hawaii
Also in regards to Hawaii...remember Roseanne lives on the big island as well. 
One last thing I'm thinking about is all the 53 stuff I just documented in a different post today in regards to North Korea. 
The Apollo 17 post was about a 5.3 "Earthquake"=53 in "Los Angeles"=53. 
I documented about Hawaii 1 other time in the past year and it was in regards to a guy I know who died. He owned the bank in town that equaled 53 and his name equaled 53 and he died 53 days before his bday...also "Bank"=53(Jewish). He also fought in the Korean War....
Cold War=321
Eagle lands on James Paxton Post

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